Framing the issues

scaffoldWhat is it, that’s going on here?
“How do we interpret not only news, but all the raw sensory data that is constantly showering on us? Goffman developed the useful concept of the “frame,” meaning the organization of experience,” our ground rules for processing information, “the basic frameworks of understanding available in our society for making sense out of events. The frame does for the human mind what a program does for a computer.” Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes

Basically. How do we frame the issues to make sure we know if they hold any importance to us? Why should we worry about most of the stuff out there, that has no relationship to how we can improve or change our situation?
How much is propaganda effecting our judgment rather than factual evidence? How do we control distraction, advertising, subterfuge, indoctrination, cultism, irrationality, disassociation and isolation.

We need to look at the issues by how they will effect us, how they will impact on “our” lives not the lives of those who wish to distract us from it. Everything we do to improve connectedness, solidarity, social advancement, there will be others working to counteract these things. Framing the issues in their own interests

How is it framed?

It is about how things are sold to us, packaged up to look democratic and fair and how things in general are done and how issues are framed towards the interests of the folk who make all the money, mostly for doing nothing. We need to learn to frame things around our own aims and create solidarity around these aims.

I say we as in ordinary people trying to earn a living, look after our families, keep a roof over our heads and enjoy a creative life.
We can starting of with the idea (frame) that most ordinary working people, are getting a raw deal for the contribution they make to the economy. Before workers receive the rewards for their labour, the profits made from their efforts have passed through many financial filter systems well before it reaches those who do most of the work. Sure we already know this, but we have to figure out better, how it happens, how these ideas are framed, to understand how to change the situation.
What we want to examine are the filter systems and the barriers designed to stop people improving their lot, trying to get a bit more money, trying to understand things more, trying to change the situation. It is all about trying to change the circumstances.

We need to present the circumstances that allow ordinary people to develop their own ideas about how they want to live their lives.
The most important thing we need to remember when we start out to improve our situation is knowing where our strength lies. What “we” have are the masses of people. How we go about framing ideas around these strengths is how we create the circumstances to allow change to happen.

Frame Analysis