1919_Battle_of_George_Square_-_David_KirkwoodThe poor had no lawyers

The law in general is designed to protect the institutions of the rich and the landowner and follows the rules made by them that shapes the politics and economics we live under. The institutions of the wealthy also decide which laws will be served and the bias is never leveled towards the laws that serve the people. The laws of the Common Good of Scotland 500 years old designed to protect the Common Good assets of the people have been ignored to those that serve the rich that transfers the commons to the control of the landlord.

The law deems that an individual “owns” hundreds of thousands of acres of land across Scotland. The proof of this is a bit of brown faded paper lying in a vault someplace that the public aren’t allowed to see?

The laws of the land where written up when the poor people had no lawyers to represent them. Which is why three quarters of Scotland is owned by 81 families.

Those presiding in a court of law come from the opposite end of the class system from the poor and experiences of those who take up most of the time in front of the bench.

The rich put the poor in jail for what the rich call “maximising ones economic advantage” only when the poor do this – it is called theft.
Those who think they “own” the land make the laws that justify their claims. Only when the land is freed can the law work impartially for all.

‘The law is simply and solely made for the exploitation of those who do not understand it or of those who, for naked need, cannot obey it.’ Bertolt Brecht