garnethill 065We can build the institutions we need that will serve our communities, create solidarity, encourage sharing and self help, or we can continue to support the institutions that protect the powerful believing we will eventually benefit from their benevolence.

We could rely somewhat on the benevolence of industry and banks when we had an empire, an industry. These days are gone and they wont come back. The Industrial Revolution is gone in the west anyway. The new institutions will need to counter the ravages of industry; renew the polluted soil for growing and allocate the land for more humanised pursuits.

Education of conformity invented for the industrial age is of no use to struggling communities seeking work and the deep seated mentality that goes with it, of the bosses who stop nothing until every ounce of energy, that is still capable of profit, is exhausted.

The stone age did not finnish because we run out of stones and the age of pollution can stop before we run out of oil. The new institutions will threaten the industrialist and the banker and they will not give up easily. But we now have the technology to manage without managers, to free up time for leisure and to help organise the new institutions.

The visionaries for these new institutions are not those who still seek comfort in the old ones, but those who have nothing to lose through their disappearance.