The liberation of time through the use of technology. The slog of washing clothes in a tub for instance is made redundant, as in the western world more clothes are purchased to keep the machine running on a daily basis.

The effort in mundane tasks and the time consumed to keep ourselves, our homes and especially our children clean and tidy – that takes up even more of our time through the new efficient tools, is also destroying the eco system that our off spring will inherit.

Where is the liberation there?

Our insatiable appetite for distraction of other peoples making blunts our creative urge of doing and creating things for ourselves. We live in the illusions of the advertiser driven by the market of corporate business who will drive their products into every corner of our existence in order to free up our time. To do what? Buy more liberation?

What liberates us from this impotency is not more “time saving gadgets”, but in the recreation of old fashioned community. Caring about the things we care about, rather than what we are forced to care about. Talking to our neighbours more, switching off the technology more often, make sure the wee old lady two doors away is okay, talk to young people, move at your own speed. Question and act in what happens around us. If these kind of thoughts sound a bit simplistic, we need to remember corporations spend billions on propaganda in a effort to stop us having them.

Liberation is the act of freeing ourselves from the bondage of oppressive forces. Only when our mind is liberated from the baggage of these forces can we judge best the way to use for instance the so called technical tools of liberation. Tools that seem to take up so much of our time doing the opposite.