Inner-core-ism is when those at the centre of events believe they are the only ones capable of doing things. It happens in groups when all the decisions are made by the same people. It happens frequently when various groups or individuals believe that their ideas are the only ones that are worthy and representational of the rest. It can escalate when group funding begins to pay to many mortgages and wages and also when community funding becomes competitive Where leaders are involved, agendas, and the party politics of persuasion, inner core-ism becomes rife

Inner core-ism, like leaders to a certain point are efficient – They get things done and if they are responsible, are capable of many fine things. They sometimes have a propensity to over stay their welcome though (leaders) and have a habit of turning into megalomaniacs. The inner core sometimes forget what is outside their space and start to live in the inner core dream impervious to anything outside their protected bubble.

Inner-core-ism is a close relation to identity politics and together help to restrict mass movements from forming as they become invisible and meaningless out-with their own boundaries of operation. Usually only surfacing when the core is threatened or when they seek to inculcate others in their own agendas.