Three day week


It was proved and noticed by many, when, in the 70s British Layland workers who were working a three day week, and who also had a vested interest in the job, created as much productivity as when workers worked a five day week under management.

Pre Industrial revolution weavers also worked a three day week. Why do you think they fought the factory owners who demanded six?

Is it a measure of our progress in a technologic debilitating world (as was the case during and after the second world war and from the time of industrial revolution), that a person has to work eight hours a day in (non creative) employment, while the rest of society stands idle. The rich as well as the unemployed.

The system our government adheres to cannot work without unemployment and a cheap dispensable work force. What else would explain the above?
The favored outcome of employment is fear of unemployment. The favored outcome of unemployment is a docile mass. And the favored outcome of war in the home country is to draw the populations attention away from domestic issues such as unemployment and poverty and push it towards nationalism and hatred of foreigners (i.e.fellow workers). Much like what has been happening in this country recently.