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Families of Stockline victims call for new law
Families of workers who died in Scotland’s worst industrial accident in a generation yesterday called for new corporate killing laws and condemned the financial penalty imposed on the operators of the factory involved.

SOOT The Canongate Community Forum is campaigning against Edinburgh City Council’s plans to demolish listed buildings and people’s homes in the Canongate Remember you can be any age, nationality and live anywhere to comment on Planning Applications. Little things. It’s the little things that count. The wee bits and pieces that slowly disappear each day and before you know it they are gone for ever. While our city falls to blite our city council are busy, not putting it to right but organising business people and big events organisers to come in and take it over.

Wobblies ( Industrial workers of the world)
The Scottish Exec may take the credit but it was the grassroots campaign of students & workers at Crichton backed up by the UCU and IWW (industrial Workers of the World) which kept the issue alive and refused to accept Muir Russell’s plans, which created the possibility of this decision being reversed

Edinburgh schools campaign forces SNP retreat
School students protest outside Bonnington primary school in Edinburgh (Pic: Kate Tomlinson) A vigorous campaign by parents and pupils has put a stop to Edinburgh city council’s proposal to close one in six schools.

Entremundos Radio
For five years, Entremundos has been a hub and contact point for volunteers and Non Governmental Organisations, in this culturally rich but historically troubled part of Guatemala. The Western Highlands, overwhelmingly indigenous Mayan, were a bastion of resistance to the military dictatorship during the Civil War

Life in Wine Alley (Brian McQuade)
I was born in 1950 and brought up in Govan in the Moorepark housing estate or the Wine Alley, as it was commonly known. It was regarded at the time as perhaps the worst slum in Britain, and the people who lived there were treated like vermin by the authorities whom we treated likewise. It was a ‘them and us’ attitude that persisted right up until the Wine Alley was demolished in the late 1990’s. Maybe the megaphone is to try and tell the council leader something he doesn’t want to hear, about how the staff feel [and the public] about the councils senior management. pdf Who knows what they will come up with next in these developing times pdf.

War On Drugs; The Prison Industrial Complex
If this doesn’t scare folk and make you wonder where neoliberalism will take us, as we follow the USA model. Don’t know what will.

Whats my name fool You can watch, read or listen here for the following details
“In 1996 in Atlanta, keep it in this country. You had, according to the ACLU, 10,000 black homeless men arrested without cause, and you had a scandalous situation that they swept under the rug where police were found to fill out arrest slips in advance of arresting people… …you know, ironically this image of the new South that President Clinton attempted to project at the 1996 Olympics.”

Glasgow makes final push for Commonwealth Games
Is there anyone out there who was asked to back the bid? We would be interested to know how the question was put. Don’t Back The Bid!

Glasgow Core Paths Plan (More creeping )
Is the intention to replace in the public consciousness the concept of rights of way with that of core paths ‘giving’ access – which gift might subsequently be bureaucratically revoked, whenever it is felt desirable so to do, by those who consider themselves to be our masters?

Common good assets being given to new leisure Trust?
For the attention of Ronnie Hinds, CEO Fife Council. Please find below for your information a copy of an e-mail sent to all 78 councillors in Fife.

Aborigines lose welfare appeal right
THE Commonwealth will remove normal rights of appeal for Aborigines in the Northern Territory, prevent customary law being considered in sentencing and give itself open-ended powers to acquire land or ban alcohol under legislation to be introduced to Parliament today. (No surprises there then)

We only hear of the victors of the “business” games, never the victims
(Olympics Greece)“You won’t hear about it in NBC’s gauzy coverage, but Amnesty International estimates that anywhere between 40 and 150 construction workers died in work place accidents building Olympic facilities. The new center right government of Costas Karamanlis, terrified of international embarrassment for not having a modernized infrastructure, turned the screws to finish facilities by any means necessary”

Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign
Don’t Let Employers Get Away With Murder 9.30am, Thurs 2nd August Demonstration – Glasgow Sheriff Court, Carlton Place (adjacent to Mosque)

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