What is the news for?

This is where we need to think for ourselves. Remember, in school they may prepare you for working in a business; or starting a business, but they most probably will not teach you, how to protect yourself from business- or, run your own union. (Which would be more relevant to most people)


The affairs of business

The news, if you look closely, is concerned mostly with the affairs of business. You will notice how the news, highlights the achievements of big business deals, and says very little about the communities that will be affected by them. Watch when there is an industrial dispute, the emphasis is always put on protecting the profits of the business (important); the workers’ trying to improve wages, or conditions, are seen as troublemaker; radical; greedy; threatening, (unimportant).

People feel bad when they hear about industrial disputes, strikes for pay and conditions. Why? Shouldn’t they feel good, that some people are fighting for better conditions and pay? Are they happy with the status quo, of unemployment, low wages and massive, business profits?

Probably not, but we are each effected, to a greater or lesser extent, by the drip feed of indoctrination produced by the media and education; that we are here to serve business; and; working under any conditions for whatever rewards, we should be grateful- and not cause trouble – Remember you have the mortgage.


(Thatcher. People with mortgages don’t strike)( Rent, Ricardo. How to rob the poor by the abstraction -rent.) Rent works much the same way as, community charge which is; to sponsor roads services for business polluters whose main aim in life is to avoid paying corporate tax and lining the pocketsof landlords -who do not do any work and get rich on the sweat and worry of their tenants. :See rentier society



The rentier society