What is crisis? Is it a signal that we keep doing what we are doing. Repairing the unrepairable, like economic systems constantly geared to growth and profits? Education to subservience to the markets and wage-slave jobs? Living a life of fear of drugs, violence, terrorism, debt, homelessness and television?

“But crisis need not have this meaning. It need not imply a headlong rush for the escalation of management (and the sacking of workers). Instead, it can mean the instant of choice, that marvelous moment when people suddenly become aware of their self-imposed cages, and of the possibility of a different life. And this is the crisis, that, as a choice, confronts both the United States and the world today”. Ivan Illich

Crisis is the stimulus that forces change, the burst of energy needed to direct change. Crisis is a warning that something is wrong and needs to be put right. The mighty who have created the present crisis (which we are paying for) do not know what to do. We now have that choice, either to be complicit in the continuation of the myth called capitalism, neoliberalism, or whatever you would like to call it, or take control of our own existence. If the present crisis becomes the norm we will not have a choice.