What ever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. [Goethe.]


*Find something you are good at.

*Set yourself achievable goals. Then surpass them if you need to

*Offer your services to something you are interested in other groups and people ar always grateful for any help they can get no mater how little.

*Try and make it as enjoyable and sociable as possible

*Don’t burn yourself out. Progress can be slow (but sure

*Recognize your own achievements. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you how wonderful you are.

*Remember The little things ar infinitely the most important

*Your time is precious make sure what you are doing will achieve maximum effect. Bounce ideas off people before committing time to them. They may have a better idea or offer to help. Take help and ideas from anywhere you can get them be grateful and and generous with credit.

*And remember it’s only you and you’s like you that can make change happen.