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“Inappropriate to local needs” Halifax’s failed bid for the Commonwealth Games
(Report PDF) From the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives , a report issued in March 2007 about Halifax’s failed bid for the Commonwealth Games: Take heed Glasgow.

Faslane 365 Big Blockade 1st October 2007
It is an issue that cuts across all others, the £70 billion they have voted to spend on renewing Trident would easily solve the health, housing and environment problems in Glasgow and could be invested to create enterprise that people want.

History from below  (Event)
The phrase ‘history from below’ is the product of a group of French historians known as the Annales school. It is their description of an approach to subjects and areas previously considered historically unimportant… … we take this loose grouping as the starting point for the making and study of history as a contested field in which ‘the below’ plays an active role.

Say bye bye – Let the Great Privatisation begin…
The following Culture and Sport Glasgow tenders are available on They reveal officially – for the first time – the real extent of the potential impending danger to the private company’s 2,500 current employees. (GlasgowLOST) Is there anyone involved in campaigns concerning Common Good issues, or want to start or join one, help out in one. Remember the CG covers a lot of ground. It will affect us all probably sooner rather than later – particularly in Glasgow where the privatisation plans are much more advanced than elsewhere. Email

From our Edinburgh friends

Some people have taken the time to collect addresses and present ideas for letters, organise petitions – and work ceaselessly to try and protect our Common Good. But “we” also need to say what we think.

Now there are official folk who can do, and have to do things when we register our complaints or queries. But if they don’t know (i.e. we don’t tell them) they can do nothing about anything. Here is some advice on how to go about having your say. It’s easy:

“Concerned individuals and community organisations are now in a position to begin a fight back! You are urged to write to the Chief Executive of your local council asking for accurate, up-to-date information on common good assets held on your behalf by your local authority. Use this link [ChiefExecs.PDF] to obtain the name and address of the relevant chief executive; below are skeleton sample” letters and further information and advice.

Kennington Park birthplace of People’s Democracy
Public Executions * A Radical Black Methodist * The World’s First National Labour Movement * The Chartists * the Significance of 10th April 1848 * The World’s First Photograph of a Crowd * The Occupation of Our Common by the Royal Park * The Horns Tavern and Charlie Chaplin * The Princess of Wales Theatre * The Scandal the Unmarked War Grave * The Squatters * ‘Red Ted’ * The Return of the Commons Spirit

Galgael at the River Festival 14-15-July 11-6 pm
All this weekend Galgael will be highlighting there skills crafts music and community by the banks of the Clyde at the science centre. This year they will be joined by the Kinningpark arts for a double bill of fun and doing things. No excuses for somewhere to go, or to take the weans this weekend. And you will get the chance to see GalGael’s new marquee which will be available for hire in the future!

Last years pictures 2007

Klondike park Kelvingrove
In case people are unaware the authorities are proposing to build a school in Kelvingrove Park. The experts see the idea as a wonderful opportunity, most parents and locals involved see the idea as stupid. I find it difficult to waste time on their reasoning for this school anymore. The basic difference is. One side want there kids to go to a safe, secure, local educational, environment and the other can only think of how to make money from anything, (that’s public) they can get there hands on.

Variant 29 Summer 2007

All you want to know about Brand Street Immigration Centre but were afraid to ask

Haringey Federation of Residents Associations
a wee taster of just what is possible when we get together and build democratic structures where residents groups and campaigners can come together, free from political interference or bureaucracy, which can help us co-ordinate and gain a real say in our communities, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations have produced a new film, which stands as an example of just what is possible.

Glasgow Residents Network: See here for summer Conference. If you want to help also(or make a film even): 07976718111

10 things you should know about Culture and Sport

Andy Wightman, an author and researcher who has been campaigning on the Edinburgh Common Good Fund for the past 18 months, will be the speaker. He said: “Across Scotland, hundreds of millions of pounds in funds and capital assets are missing from Common Good Funds. This wealth belongs to the people and this talk will highlight how this state of affairs has come about and what should be done about it.

The Story of the Common Good Fund”, will take place at St Stephens Centre, St Stephens Street on Wednesday 27 June at 19:30 BST.