86820032The importance of community infrastructure local institutions, news outlets and networks is to help and facilitate community mobilisation. When it is time to move for or against something it is important that resources and communications can be found in the same places if communities ar to be effectively mobilised

Neighbourhoods need to be mobilised. If they are not companies, government agencies, developers and others will come into their areas and do what the want. Much of the reason for odd and out of place developments that spring up in peoples neighbourhoods, the bazaar projects that are created usually just because there is land and little resistance from those who live near by. We can not build sustainable environments that can be developed over time and will grow with our community unless people mobilise and constantly prepared.

We can’t wait till your community is under siege from predatory forces that are out to exploit the community environment before acting. Because by then it can be to late, or the struggle will be ten times harder. A mobilised community, knows what is happening when it happens. A mobilised community doesn’t wait until there is conflict, it is prepared through being socialised, integrated. Being conscious and mobilised means plans can be framed in the communities interests and the compromises to be made, made by the in comer, not the community itself.

A mobilised community has power. Without power we can’t start things, stop things, nor build movements with others.