When we leave the institute of school or college we join the institute of work, which to describe is like describing school all over again. What people need to realize when they send their off-spring to school or college is that. The exam system as well as instilling a competitive spirit of winners and losers i.e. you need to stand on those below to succeed. Is also assessing the students ability to stick to even the most boring, mindless tasks and the ability to conform to any kind of orders for the reward of financial and promotional achievement at work.In the work environment only this kind of talent is needed.



Creativity at work is the reserve of the few and of course- the boss for good reason. My main aim of the parent regarding young peoples education should be to preserve and encourage the creativity that school will attempt to knock out of them. It is the creative urge in the individual that makes the person think, not, what can I do? but – How will I do it ?

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to fill the factories and man the conveyer lines and fill the pockets of the rich if school really made people think creatively.

What is work

First of all: what is work? Work is of two kinds:

first, altering the position of the matter on or near the earth’s surface relatively to other such matter:

second, telling other people to do so.
The first kind is unpleasant and ill paid; the second is pleasant and highly paid.

The second kind is capable of indefinite extension: there are not only those who give orders, but those who give advice as to what orders should be given.

Usually two opposite kinds of advice are given simultaneously by two organized bodies of men; this is called politics.
The skill required for this kind of work is not knowledge of the subject as to which advice is given, but knowledge of the art of persuasive speaking and writing, i. e. of advertising.

Bertrand Russell

Public relations, is a friendly sounding term which implies relationship with the public. But the only relations that the business community needs from the public is a one way financial relationship which is exactly what advertising serves –


Is intelligence cost effective