The sign of a healthy society can be measured in the proactivity of its citizens. We do not just need to adjust to things that are put before us we can also make them happen. The political system is open to all, mainly due to the proactivity of those before us who made it so.

The same way we are proactive in looking after our family – we do not wait for things to happen before we act, particularly around children, we need to be on the ball, alert and attentive to their needs till they learn otherwise.

If we just wait for things to happen it is generally to late to stop them. That is why we need to be proactive in political life, otherwise things will just “happen” to us. “We” need to make things happen, make demands, if we want to become part of the decision making process. Political representatives also only act to the demands of those they represent and will usually, if left to their own devices, take the road of least resistance.

Standing still is not an option on a moving train. Howard Zinn