Reading the right food

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Richard Steel,

Use our time wisely


We need to be careful of being distracted by colorful diversions. Use our time wisely and allocate time to the job in hand and read the right stuff . Books and political rallies while useful in educating for effecting change can also be time wasting and distracting.

The former in sometimes telling you all there is to know in the first hundred pages. Then spending the other hundred pages repeating the same thing.

The latter can build an audience into a fervor with a good idea. But instead of letting the assembly go home with the idea ringing in their head. On and on they drone until the weight of words deflates the moment of inspiration.

In a world saturated with information. If we need to make intelligent decisions we must not mistake knowledge or information for intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to logically shape the knowledge we poses into ideas. Ideas that will further develop and enhance the way we wish to live. A step towards this ends (if you hope to win) is to avoid distractions and concentrate on what produces the most effective results


Talking back to Chomsky