Look at history
As I have mentioned; getting to the root and understanding of the subject under investigation, or study, by the use of radical thinking;needs – turning on its head; most perceived beliefs and understanding of what is termed -western democracy.



Our present and past governments, have and continues; to performed atrocities around the world. Recent examples; are Iraq, Bosnia, and the Falklands. Atrocities are also subsidized by the west in general; in all parts of the world; or, are made worse by western states ignoring events; Rwanda, Indonesia, East Timor, and many more examples.
In a nut shell: Civilisation in the west was founded on death and destruction and is sustained by death and destruction. The reason why so many in the west, find it difficult or hard to believe, that our civilization is capable of such feats of murderous cruelty; directly and indirectly; is because we have been protected and shielded from such brutalism, by the lies and misinterpretation of history; through the use of propaganda.
Take a look through the history books, even the bias ones; it is relatively easy to detect that; The history of our country and the rest of Europe, and its colonies; over the last six hundred years; is founded on, not what we were taught in school and were educated to believe; to be the spread of civilization and christianity, but; out and ungodly, bloodshed. Almost every official hero held up as an ambassador of western civilisation; has achieved their status not by peace; or civilised conduct; but by war and greed -From Columbus to Roosevelt; from Churchill to Bush; bloodshed.
A peoples perspective.
Howard Zinn, has written one of the few history books that have approached history from the ground up; rather than from the school approach – from the rulers down. This book offers some examples; from our great leaders; their real intentions (of making themselves rich) and of the struggles of ordinary people; whose fight again’s the same leaders; is responsible for the scant liberty, that we are afforded today.
War means everything to rulers.You cannot control peaceful people, they have no need for control. (Zinn)

Great men and war
“Theodore Roosevelt wrote to a friend in the year 1897: ‘in strict confidence … I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one’.(zinn)

‘As Winston Churchill observed in a paper submitted to his Cabinet colleagues in January 1914,


we are not a young people with an innocent record and a scanty inheritance. We have engrossed to ourselves … an altogether disproportionate share of the wealth and traffic of the world. We have got all we want in territory, and our claim to be left in the unmolested enjoyment of vast and splendid possessions, mainly acquired by violence, largely maintained by force, often seems less reasonable to others than to us.


To be sure, such honesty is rare in respectable society, though the passage would be acceptable without the italicised phrases, as Churchill understood. He did make the paper public in the 1920s, in The World Crisis, but with the offending phrases removed'”1.
1.Noam Chomsky. Power and prospects p83