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Common Good for Beginners

If you don’t know what the “Common Good” is, especially if your young, and haven’t heard the term. Hopefully the following will help in understanding it better – through ideas and sequence of events of what privatisation, in general and of the Common Good, can mean.

Edinburgh at risk – You Tube

GRN Hustings – The Future of Glasgow’s Communities

Do you want to highlight an issue going on in your community? Do you feel what passes for a political debate never talks about your community’s problems and concerns? Here’s your chance to raise your issues for once in a high profile public debate! The Glasgow Residents’ Network and the Scottish Tenants’ Organisation

The Common Sense of the Common Good

If there’s a positive side to the issue of the Common Good. It is, the transfer is reminding folk that the Common Good exists. There is no reason that this decision can’t be reversed with enough public pressure, if that’s what the public want. Nothing unusual in this, it’s happened before. (Check the forum. Let’s hear what you think.)

Govanhill Baths Community Trust (update)

No we have not disappeared we have been busy on various projects and the Friends of the Baths have been meeting every 2nd and fourth Tuesday and building towards the submission of the Business Plan the council requested for end of July after granting us a 99 year lease last September.

GlasgowLOST New website on loss of “Common Good”

So we have to be advised on how to run our Common Good by an American Neo Con. I suppose it figures. Why can’t we have someone from Hugo Chávez’s, Venezuela, or someplace that supports democratic ideas.

Common Good Games” booth at GalGael Govan. Come to Buchanan Street on Thursday between 12:00 and 2:00. Have some fun and create awareness of the Common Good and what it means.

Common Good Links (Updated regularly)

It’s our City “we” need to look after it. There are no “new” leaders of any political persuasion who are going to do it for us. People collectively created the Common Good, and only through our collective vigilance to protect it, will it survive and be of benefit to the next generation. If Any leader tells you they they can do this for you – They’re lying.

Workers City ( Glasgow: European City of Culture 1990)

In the light of the hard facts of life as it is lived by people at the bottom of the heap in Glasgow, it is difficult to see the ‘culture’ tag as being anything other than a sham accolade to help grease the wheels of capitalist enterprise and smooth the path for the politicians. It is little wonder working-class Glasgow remains unimpressed.

Petition by Councillor Ann Watters, on behalf of Kirkcaldy Civic Society, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to introduce legislation to provide better protection for common good sites

Privatising Culture

A One-Day Symposium hosted by Variant Magazine CCA, Glasgow 31 March 2007 . 10.30 – 5pm . FREE

Come to the symposium on Saturday, the more you know about this stuff, the more inclined you will be to recognise the future repercussions it will have for the the city and it’s citizens futures.

Common Good Games (Unprivatising Culture)

Who’s up for the “Common Good Games” Help to create awareness of our heritage, our history and future well being, through enjoyable activities, that all can join in.

What they will tell you (Privatising Culture)

The patronising reply to a letter concerning the cultural sell-off. Privatisation was only a thing Thatcher did and the public only own some bits of the public estate?

What they are telling the staff (Privatising Culture)

“Welcome to this special edition of Contact magazine, which is dedicated to updating you on Culture and Sport Glasgow, the new company responsible for delivering cultural, leisure and outdoor recreation services in Glasgow.” (Inhouse magazine updates for council workers

City Strolls on Sunny Govan Radio April 2nd (Common Good)

Set your alarms, put it in your diaries, tune your radio’s to 103.5 FM Sunny Govan Community Radio will launch our full-time FM schedule on Wednesday 28th March 2007 . Please keep checking the website as more details will be announced shortly. Normal programming continues online.

Housing News posted April 07

Links to various housing issues

Overcrowded Schools Protest

Come and protest against overcrowded schools on this Wednesday 21st March at 3pm at Dowanhill Primary!

Council Real Estate

Kelvingrove Park needs a cafe like a hole in the head. Man your tripping over cafes on the way into the park on all sides.

Shades of Park Privatisation & positive alternatives

Here are some ideas to help to understand how we are coned out of Common Good land and property. Why can’t they

Govan Film Festival

ViewPoints free film festival, Glasgow

Films, talks and film workshops exploring migration and asylum themes.

The Burgh Angel 5th edition will soon hit the street. If you have news that you think we should be talking about let us know. Check website for details Get your place on the map.

Also. If you would like to go down to Glasgow City Council with a wheelbarrow and collect your share of the “Common Good” before they sell it. let me know and we could all go down together.Free Science things. The Runaway Universe. Full program

Glasgow City Council Pathfinder for Cultural and Leisure Services Outline Business Case – 8. Key risks

Plans of how the City Council mean to speed up the privatisation of public owned, property and services, before anybody twigsMore Updates & Links added What the unions are saying & Leisure Trust Failure

What are we waiting for

“I can’t imagine one wee town, in the whole of the Western Hemisphere, who wouldn’t be rioting in the streets, if it were happening to them.”

Council plans on museums ‘against party policy

The policy states: “We will look at ways to ensure the legitimate incentives that apply to charities are not used as vehicles for outsourcing by local authorities.”

Letters to Herald “Common Good” (pdf)

Common Good Asset Register

Reply to letter sent to George Black Chief Executive: A range of legal agreements will govern the services to be delivered by the company including arts and museums, libraries and community facilities, sport, events and social renewal.

The buildings that Glasgow is proposing to hand over

to the new charity. How many do you think belong to the people of Glasgow?

Is Glasgow doing enough to preserve its parks?

Evening Times Survey Someone suggests “Maybe the City Council would have done better if the question was: “Is Glasgow doing enough to sell-off its parks?”…” 16% yes 83 % No

Links on related stuff “Common Good”

What the unions are saying – Leisure Trust Failure

Woodlands Community Council Response

to 107 flats and car park.At Park Quadrant. Tom Johnstone for Woodlands/Park Community Council in defense of Charles Wilson’s Park Circus architecture. (pf)

Rushed decision to transfer control

M E Mackenzie (February 27) is right to draw attention once again to the woeful lack of information and prior consultation by Glasgow City Council regarding the transfer of control of certain services and assets to a separate charitable company.

Subterranean home sick blues Selling the “Common Good”

Herald letters

Good news for City Strolls from Common Wheel

Special needs cyclists – Canals – Rickshaws – Access.

Although the corporate bulldozer is smashing apart our communities, there are positive examples here and there of projects actually making good things happen and of space opening up for leisure and free time.