294768169_fb3e737078Everything has to do with the environment and the environment has to do with everything else. War is the worst environmental disaster known to man. The failure of the education system to teach students of all ages of the environmental impact of their teachings is about the second worst environmental catastrophe after war.

In the formulation of radical ideas – we need to understand it will hurt, and sacrifices will need to be made. Changing one set of consumer good for another and giving up the car may scratch the surface and make people feel a bit better, useful – but this is not really the point. The question we need to ask is. Do we want to join the struggle to make the world a better place? And if we do the environment is the place we need to start because it is all encompassing.

Mother nature does not understand capitalism, (does anyone) Feeling a warm glow and all is well after checking your bank balance will not work for much longer. The environment has a different value system which has more to do with the thought process than the pocket. The reliance of “service through money” disconnects us from these values, the thought process and the skills needed to stop ravaging the earth. It is no romantic notion that we could have a better life respecting our environment.