consumer-activismpoverty exists not because the economy is not working, but because it is the way it works.

There is no such thing as being poor anymore (poor and happy) we need to be part of the needy in order to supply profits to the greedy. The furthest you can drop out is flipping hamburgers for a chain some where. The new breed of poverty pimp, recognise’s the market potential in even the “super poor”. The colonisation of the poor parts of town for the play-places of the well off is am expanding trend as prices in the more desirable areas rise. Aggressive property investment keeps the poor on the move and their destitution continuous and un-resolvable through among other things, no stable community support.

Instead of protecting the vulnerable and seeing them as a reminder of what is wrong in our society and a warning of where we could end up given an adverse change in our circumstances. We have instead learned how to exploit the poor and vulnerable or use them as examples of where we will end up if we do not cow-tow to the market forces which creates much of the poverty in the first place.

Learning to fear and blame the poor for their ills, is a sign of a society in decline and messing about with words, changing how we describe such situations only serves and distances ourselves from the real causes of poverty which is more to do with the state system, rather than the individual circumstances of those who find themselves in the poverty trap. We can not rid poverty leaving it up to charitable means when the system for creating poverty still functions as normal. If we are to fight poverty we first must waken up to the reality of what causes it.


“Keep your coins I want change”