The creeping begins, as the cities jewels start to slip from its hands












Toilets And why not toilets! something for kids. (rollover) What happens to the playground in front of this building?


What’s the difference between the above property and the property below


Both are buildings in Kelvingrove park and both have been out of service for some time. Both are under the remit of the Common Good. That means they both belong to the people of Glasgow. The bandstand also has an important social and political history, a function that has been denied since it’s closure.

The toilets, are about to be lease to a private developer by the parks department

The bandstand has been waiting to be re connected with common use for about ten years.

So, the toilets, out of the blue, can be taken over by an individual or company, without a by-your-leave of the general public, who own the property.

The bandstand on the other hand has had a campaign running for years to reopen for public use. – Has had support from the local community – MP’s, Scottish Opera, various pop bands, Historic Scotland, and all manner of time, information, publicity and work spent on the project for the benefit of the “park user, owners “.

What’s the difference here between these two ideas:

Regarding the Toilets
If this goes ahead, it will mean the permanent removal of public land from Glasgow’s first public park. Once the land has been leased for private development, it will not be returned to public use in the future, but can be transferred to other commercial interests, who can apply to change its use at any time. (for all intensive purposes that means McDonalds or other franchises could move into our parks.) And if the Super size me school moves into the park at Gibson Street – What’s to stop more local schools being closed and more schools and building projects being situated in the parks? – If not us – answer nothing

The Bandstand
The bandstand is a community led project with the interests of the community and with the backing of democratic decisions of it’s members who are the public. [owners] Every part of this project has been open to public scrutiny, has had the publics best interests in mind. and would help to secure part of the common land and property for future generations, as this and the generations before have enjoyed.

Make no mistake. Private business in the park is not there for your convenience. (Why else would they do away with one). They are there to make money. No matter how, touchy feely, Fairtrade, organic or otherwise, they are at first. The franchises, will be chewing at the bit, to get into the parks. Business is accountable to no one, other than it’s shareholders and investors. The bandstand project is accountable to the public. The question is. Who are Glasgow City Council accountable to?

If you think the parks are open and free of business clutter, cars and sell-offs because we have a kind and concerned administration looking after your interests, you would be wrong. The only reason the park has maintained it’s open and public orientated nature for [all] to enjoy, is because of local folk, who give up there time to ensure this happens. Most park users are oblivious of this fact.

Now the park protectors need your help. If these plans go forward the parks will take on the same development frenzy the rest of the city is experiencing – the very thing we go to the park to escape. Our future mental health could depend on it.

We do not have the same fancy brochures to help save our parks from predatory business as they have for selling them. If we don’t start talking and spreading the word between each other to protect them, the parks will soon be run down to blight level, like so many parts of our city, in order that they can be saved for the profiteers, who are waiting the side-line.

It’s up to yourself mate!

Ideas for getting started——————————————–

Write to Cllr Colleran, Parks Convener, and request consultation on other proposed developments in the park, while asking about their intention to lease the disused toilets at Eldon Street and at the La Belle Place, at the corner of the park to private developers. Email: Or care of Parks Department.

Take a look at your local park. See what your not happy about and tell them about it.

Down load a petition, talk to other folk, ask them what they know – You will find they know nothing very likely, as most of these business plans, are done in secret.

PDF petition

Ask whoever you write to for a reply and/or acknowledgement of your letter, at their “convenience”

Director of Land Services Robert Booth BA(Hons), DMS, MIPD, DPM Richmond Exchange 20 Cadogan Street GLASGOW G2 7AD Phone: 0141 287 9100 E-mail:

Talk to your neighbours your MSP’s the whole of Glasgow’s parks are in the firing line.

We need to use our imagination here


The Bandstand

Msp Kelvin

Friends of Kelvingrove
The first public park in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Parks canpaign info