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Every mainstream information conduit is a source for propaganda. Propaganda is mainly distraction. How many things can you think of that distract you from what is important. Television and newspapers are the main vehicles for propaganda. To understand some of these Ideas read Chomsky for beginners Illustrated.

Get more in depth reading Try the following list. If you can’t find them in the library, or can’t afford them, find, or order them and read them in Borders, good library facility. (If you buy, try and buy from independent booksellers) For for first hand examples of propaganda. Switch on any TV, or open any newspaper

Taking the risk out of democracy Alex Carey Book
The media monopoly by Ben H. Bagdikian Part 1 . Book

Znet home page

Managing Domestic Dissent in First World War Britain. Brock Millman. Frank Cass.

Web of Deceit

Read Introduction


Bad News From Israel

book Any of the Glasgow University media group books are enlightening

Relevant links._____________

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Catch the small fish
Taking The Risk Out Out Of Democracy (excerpts)
The democracy illusion The transcript of the Chomsky – Marr interview

Some History of propaganda
Understanding propaganda (books/ Links)
Tools of propaganda
Symbols of propaganda
When there is no need for propaganda