Symbols of propaganda

The united States spends about the same as the rest of the world put together on propaganda. Europe is rapidly catching up

“Public Relations”, is a euphemism for propaganda, like in Britain, what used to be called “The Ministry of War”, is now called the “Ministry of Defense”. When you are watching the news imagine when the newscaster is saying. “A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense, was actually saying. “Ministry of War” Britain has had no needed to defend its shores for the last 50 years.Our Ministry of Defense, has done nothing since – but attack other countries.

The public sponsor propaganda through their taxes, and the profits of propaganda go to business. Most of the idea of propaganda is to stop people thinking the obvious. – What our tax money is used for

Nearly all of the Bush, administration are involved in some way with the worlds largest oil and arms companies; for instance US vice president Dick Cheney’s, connection with the company Halliburton, Whose profits show an 80% rise during the Iraq war. Halliburton have recently received a 5 billion dollar, defense contract for Iraq, of which a billion is under question. If you look closely at the whole of the American administration, top to bottom, you will find not a group of politicians with the interests of the population in mind, but the heads of a massive group of companies, with only one thing on their mind, profits. The main enemy standing in the way of these profits, is the domestic population. Where the middle classes, create a cushion between the rich and the poor – propaganda, creates the blanket that covers the truth, behind the symbols that prop up a business going under the name of democracy.

“…the use of symbols (that is, things that stand for other things) is an essential part of security -politics (Krause and Williams 1997). How things are named or labeled shapes how they are seen. How they are seen shapes how they are located in the political landscape for purposes ranging from funding to the use (or abstention from the use) of force. The ability to invent and manipulate symbols in pursuit of policy goals defines much of what politicians do, and applies no less to the arms dynamic than to other aspects of politics.” 1.

You don’t need to look far for examples

“Peacekeeper”, ” Daisy cutter”, “Trident”, “Little Boy”, [the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima] “Eurofighter”,”Patriot “. Bombs that could flatten a whole city, are described by almost saccharine, cute, titles. Would the taxpayer think the same way and allow the funding of such projects, if these weapons were better described and named for the job that they were designed for.” Misery Bringer” ,”Genocide inflictor”, “Child Killer” ,”People Burner”. It is part of the propaganda process to concentrate on, the weapon and its description, rather than what the weapon is capable of. (Buzan Herring) O’ yes and the companies who produce these things, who receive massive tax subsidies, and sell these weapons of sheer aggression all over the world to all sides in the conflicts, is called “The Defense Industry”

1.The Arms Dynamic in World Politics p179

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