Class war and the technique of racism


The term “class war” may seem to some, moribund or redundant, to others, quaint and of a past epoch, and others still the collected ravings of a chaotic rabble. Class war, is none of these – but the class war, is as virulent through out our society as it has ever been.

Racism, is a technique that is maintained, to distract working people from examining closer the machinations of the state, both at home and abroad and to guide blame and the frustrations of working people, towards other working people, rather than towards the source of the problem.

It is useful to look at racism as a technique. For then it can be examined as a tool of capitalism within the class structure. To describe racism as a technique is not to undermine the suffering of its victims, but to debunk its perpetrators of the cultural myths, that support racism. The class war in the wider sense is a combination of such techniques. To view racism as a technique is to understand one of the fundamental tools of capitalism, empire and colonialism.

In the political domestic scene, racism is also a device of major importance, in undermining class struggle. Particularly at present with the movement of so many refugees and people seeking asylum – coupled with bad housing and unemployment, this is a classic scenario for race baiters and government by manipulation. Once again racism will be put to the fore – to guide blame and the frustrations of working people, towards other working people.

Tony Blair, states “we live in a classless society”.The class structure of our society hasn’t changed much in the last 300 years at least and no one knows this better than Tony Blair. If anything the class structure has hardened immeasurably.
As with the denial of class structure, most politicians of the Blair ilk, abhor racism but continue to help maintain a system that feeds it. Then again why would our leaders change a situation that has served them well for hundreds of years. Easier for them to perpetuate the myth than have to explain the tyranny.

If we look at the class structure in a very simplified way. (it is simple anyway) OK we have at the top, the upper class. Let us call them the ones with all the money, who make all the big decisions, and don’t work. (it’s not politicians who make decisions, it’s business interests, no matter what Tony Blair, tells you)

At the bottom we have the working classes. That is the people who do all the work, get the least wages, pay all the taxes, and don’t have any time to think and are tired all the time working. Without getting into the finer detail of the disparity of riches between these two classes of people, suffice to say the group at the top are getting smaller, more powerful and richer beyond the imagination and the group at the bottom is getting bigger and poorer and insecure.

Now it seems kind of obvious what is happening here. Those at the top, who have all the money, and don’t do anything – where do they get the money. While those at the bottom who do everything and never have any money – Where does it all go.

For the worker, the answer to this disparity is simple. There are more of us than there are of them, lets go get some. We could, but first we would need to deal with probably the most important part of the class structure – the middle bit . You don’t think those at the top who have ripped-off our money, are going to feel comfortable, with us lot hanging around the perimeter fence of the business club.

The “coordinator classes,” as Michael Albert, calls them. The middle class, are a class structure within a class structure. You could start off, low – middle class and work your way up to upper -middle class. But that’s it. You can only dream, like everyone else of moving into the top section. And also, moving up the scale is determined by how well the coordinator, serves and protects, those in the class above – from those in the class at the bottom. You could easily call this class the cushion class, for that is exactly their function.

This middle group, historically, are more prone to racism and fascist tendencies. Being in the fluctuating middle ground and in constant competition, they do not share in either the camaraderie of the working class, unions and such like, nor can they, or it is very likely, that they will become members of the upper elite club. Racism like fascism holds no common ideas or structures that any collective good could be applied to and has more to do with attitude, superstition and stupidity

The upper classes are not racist per se. This class is happy to work with, do business with, commit crime with, anyone of any colour, creed, or background. The only serious prejudices the upper classes have, are financial and the only serious threat that they fear, is the wrath of the domestic working population (of any colour) and of the same workers laying claim to the wealth that was taken from them, the same wealth, which constitutes the fraudulent riches of the upper classes.

State racist education, is inbred from an early age and is based on the idea of almost all western education. If you tell the story (lie) often enough, folk will get into the habit of believing it. How else would people be convinced to believe in such a ridiculously unfair system. To study the roots of racism, we need to guard ourselves from the myths that support racism and study facts – which do not sit well among the tales of empire we are taught at school. (past and present)
If we, imagine a world without racism. Then, think about who would miss it most, we start to understand who racism actually serves.
try the desert island approach – A racist gets shipwrecked with six other people of different nationalities and skin colour. Will racism still be useful to that person in order to survive on the island. I don’t think so. Racism is a tactic of diversion and is only useful to its perpetrators in an illogical society.

Why would any white working class person, unless indoctrinated by state education and bias propaganda, waste there time and effort in pursuing the idea that black people are stealing the wonderful jobs that they should have, or that our country is being over run by foreign emigrants and asylum seekers who are pretending to be persecuted in order to stay in Britain.

During the first world war, when there were hardly, or practically no black people in Britain, the working classes seemed to get on fine fighting each other, as well as the Germans, to the governments tune. The divisions then were defined not as black and white but as pacifists and nationalists. The history of the success of British Empire, the Industrial Revolution, and every war, is a history in the art of dividing working class people

Who perpetuates the racist myth, or does little to dispel it, or has more to gain by it. Mostly the upper class, with the general dissemination of information and philosophy, coming from around that bit in the middle again – he commissars of the upper classes; the politicians, radio presenters, propagandists, teachers, doctors, scientists, bankers, police, lawmakers, lawyers, statisticians, the army, economist, sociologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and all manner of professionalised agencies approved by the rulling class.

Racism doesn’t stand up to scrutiny scientifically, or socially, its main purpose has always been to divide and control working people, in the service of the rich, both black and white. Yes the professionals above will pay lip service to ideas of equality, with the exception, who will take action against inequality. Where are the teachers who will buck authority and teach students the true history of western nations; economists on the redundancy of our economic system, police on the tactics of racial abuse, sociologists, on the realities of class warfare.
The indoctrination and brainwashing in prevalent western, therefore, white culture, needs to be ferocious, because normal people do not naturally think along the lines of racist ideology to solve their problems, but usually along the lines of common sense and racism has no place within common sense.
Racism needs to be viewed in the context of propaganda and superstition. If we view racism as a technique, and human beings as human beings, immaterial of colour, we can start to understanding the political machinations behind racism and counter the knock-on oppression from racism, that will affect us all – sooner or later, if racism is not challenged wherever and whenever we find it.


As the saying goes: “Some of my best friends, are middle class” There are people from all classes who do and have done great work for social change. When I speak of the “middle classes” of course I am not speaking about these people. I am talking about the vast majority of the middle classes who have a certain amount of choice in their lifestyle that could be used to influence or help other peoples situation, but chose to do nothing.
Yes using time to appeal to a middle classes audience, to do something useful, or give some money, or to join your cause, may create some results. But it needs to be remembered, the middle classes have come through an education system that’s main purpose is to protect their position, not to encourage an egalitarian notion of society. Why should they bother.
I like everyone else needs to consider the work involved, in what we do and what we are trying to achieve. I am trying to help achieve an egalitarian notion of society and through that, how best to use my time and resources to help achieve this end. First I do not consider it a good use of time trying to convince people (no matter how nice they are) who are comfortable with a status quo, that works in their favour.
I consider in trying to effect positive change of any description, Work needs to be done, and some of it concerns not always doing things I like doing, saying things that I like saying. I do not do what I do for the social life (although its an important part of it) I do not do what I do so my friends will like me, or agree with me, I do it because I want to win something.
The challenge in winning a fairer, freer society is in stimulating the interests of those at the bottom of the financial and social order within the status quo – not in the philosophy of the coordinator classes, where so much of the debate is aimed and where to many of the “movement for change” can feel comfortable with themselves.

The battleground to fight for social change is where it has always been in the street and the neighbourhoods, where the change needs to happen. If it is not there our efforts are aimed – might as well go to the pub and talk politics.

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