Is Intelligence cost effective?

It is interesting that the worker, technician, intellectual thinker in the hard sciences has no problem in dealing with information, data, facts and techniques that rely on precision and order.

It is very difficult or near impossible to lie or falsify data in the hard sciences. There is no room for failure to analyze or a lack of precision here. Checking and rechecking is important if results are to be used sensibly. Careful examination engenders experience and common sense

So how come a lot of these same individuals whose specialties

These are the people who would laugh if someone tried to pull the same stunts of abstraction to argue a point concerning their own specialist field.

rely on and are grounded on hard facts, can sometimes find it difficult to understand and assess facts when they are related to the social sciences?

Applied to the social sciences the facts, by the same mind, can take on the abstract baggage of superstition, gender, race, human nature, amnesia and many such un measurable phenomena.
Simple facts are all to often brushed aside by the analyst as, to simple. The same repetition of cause and effect that create in the layman suspicion of a wrong doing, are accepted again and again by the educated expert as new and unexplainable events.

For instance in this dual notion of on-off logic. The most obvious disparities in the system controlling wealth can be ignored or side stepped as no more than unexplainable -human nature.” It’s just the way we are”

These are the people who would laugh if someone tried to pull the same stunts of abstraction to argue a point concerning their own specialty. Because in the on-off logic field, human nature is substituted for human conscience.

In the work place the on off switch can allow a normal, educated, not in any way bad human being, without to much heart searching apply seemingly logic and technical authority to a task which may or may not be harmful, useless or of benefit to anyone, without recourse to conscience in the procedures of a working day.

These are the values of the wage system that is saturating all to many of our social arrangements. Not so much stopping us from understanding the situation but allowing us to manage and put up with it. The same logic on off switch allows the investigation of the death of one human being to be the smokescreen for the murder of thousands.


The government of this country is walking away from another “victory over justice”. (Where is the justice when the accused is also the judge?) We will trudge through the mire of debate subterfuge satire and then some years down the line someone from the left whose talents could be used for more immediate constructive work will write the truth of the travesty which is the Hutton report. He or she will expose the lies. But by then it will be to late. We will have spending intelligent time on the analysis instead of time and intelligence on the root and cause of the problem.

By then how many more innocent civilians like you or me will our government have killed as our minds are concentrated on other meaningless enquire that’s only purpose is distraction.

By then we will be pulled further into the mire of both defending the indefensible in partnership with our masters across the water.

Where the richest country in the world who spends as much on defense and intelligence (propaganda) as every other country in the world put together. Whose government made one the biggest security failures known in that countries history (9/11) and are still in office. Not only did they not end up in jail for grosse negligence. They took the same “abstract baggage” mentioned above and went on to create the most fear ridden, carnage ridden, fascist economic system, oppressive domestic policies, war mongering terrorism known to the world.
And. Blamed it on someone else.

The funniest part is, if you have a warped sense of humour. Each and every one of the administration of this human fiasco have collectively made billions from their efforts-

This is what our government is lying to defend. Surely this is easy enough for anyone to ascertain from the evidence before us?

Who do we work (live) for anyway?

It is said that we live in an uncaring society. Yet the vast majority of our society in employment do care. They care about their boss, his profits, what he markets sells and produces. we care so much that we give up most of our day to his service we also care about his money, we live for it. Even if what the employer produces, sells is utterly meaningless to us we will force his or her words out of our mouths to meet our financial ends. We will then go home each night and read our broadsheet or watch our favorite news program (if we can stay awake that long) which will give us a sanitized view of world events. This will make us feel that there is not a lot we can do about these big problems. Help to settle our conscience in order to get a good nigh’s sleep and be refreshed for work in the morning.

Why is it so difficult to apply the same logical thought process in all areas of our lives in our social as well as our business? After all if you fall down on the job you will suffer the same way as if you ignore the problems of society, you or someone else will eventually suffer.

The Job is only something we do with part of our lives we must never let it consume everything else (no mater how much we earn) especially our moral judgment. If our community and social life’s become secondary to wage slavery we leave ourselves open to the manipulators of wealth whose only value is cost efficiency. And cost efficiency does affect all equally in one respect it removes the need for all other human intervention. So if your money fails there is nothing else left.

We in Britain have in the past much maligned our cousins across the water as the biggest miscreants of human folly (forgetting our past empire achievements). And without realizing we have become the fifty first state in the union. Our institutions and politics have slid to smoothly into the glove of public deception and propaganda imported from across the Atlantic.
We are all being guided by cost efficiency now.

It is not as the BBC’s director of news Richard Sambrook states. “There is a new political divide: no longer ‘left’ and ‘right’; it’s now ‘us and them’, with ‘them’ being politicians, the establishment and the broadcasters and media.” — ,

This is false and a mere distraction in the farce. The real battle lines are between governments, the agencies they serve and the agencies who are in their service, including the mainstream media and apologist academics against – the people of this country, mainly the poor, who do not fit the cost effective plan.

And, it is only when people especially the educated react to these facts not with myopic intellectualism but with human logic, kinship and action, will both the grace of education be served and the fear in the vulnerable be relieved.

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