Letter Scotsman

An extract  from a letter sent to The Scotsman letters page.
—- 9th April ’04 Dear Green Place – but for how much longer … Apparently Glasgow City Council are carrying out ‘one of the most vital consultation exercises the city has undertaken’ in their ‘Strategic Review of Parks and Open Spaces’. So vital that decisions on the outcome have already been made. …

Glasgow City Council’s Land Services are recruiting for a Parks Commercial Manager, with a one line job description – ‘Responsible for the development of commercial activities within parks’.

Contrast that with Edinburgh City Council’s advert in the same supplement, for a Head of Parks and Sport…’to monitor the operation of Edinburgh Leisure, the not-for-profit company established by the Council to manage its leisure centres… management and development of the City’s extensive estate of parks, gardens, woodlands and countryside’.
There is a fundamental problem within Glasgow City Council’s Land Services/Planning departments in understanding the meaning of ‘green space’. Pubs, restaurants and car parks are not green space and expensive leisure centres will deny access to many Glaswegians.

Agnes McLean