Save us from the “educated”

They say that, sometimes people will put themselves in potentially dangerous situations, in order to avoid embarrassment. Like not moving out of the way of a car coming at them to fast, or failing to quickly avoid the actions of someone or some situation that looks potentially dangerous – Usually just to save face – the enactment of a sort of blind faith.

Many people live a version of the above as their normal life. The drama may be slowed down somewhat, but it still has the same accumulative, potentially dangerous, consequences.

Where you wonder, do people get the confidence to think everything will be all right, when they are so far removed from understanding or totally ignorant of the problems that are stealthily eroding our liberty to think and act freely. Most of it is perhaps down to naivety, inexperience, insulation, indoctrination, or even superstition. However a very worrying factor in an unstable world, is our reliance on the educated, to bring us salvation and guidance. ( I use educated here in inverted commas )

So who are the educated

You can always recognise the educated, they float on a kind of mist that detaches them from the ground. They have that condescending look on their face when anything you say threatens to reconnect them with the floor. They protect themselves by a shield of indifference, made up of words that are designed to disarm the cocky peasant, who might think he or she has got something to say.

The educated are always right, because they never listen, and because they never listen, they have no reason to believe that they are wrong. They have the ability sometimes to deal with the most abstract mathematics and in turn, can fail to understand the simplest sum.

It is the educated, who are responsible for producing the disempowering crap that is squeezed out the tube every night, and the same educated (who earn from it) that knows what is best for the majority of the unemployed, poor, and the disenchanted – who tune in each night, to see what they are told (by the educated) that they demand to see.

The same educated push their wonderful regenerative schemes and grand, designs for profit, that destroy working class communities and infrastructure and who expect people to adapt to wherever they are put and be grateful – and then do not understand why young folk in these people, catchment areas, smash the place up, while children in their own secure, wind and watertight environment, two cars, nice garden, nice school, stable community – don’t. That is until they are properly educated

On the one hand, the educated covet the most exquisite hand crafted treasures, assets, value and judge the highest art, yet hardly make anything. And on the other are pushing our world to the edge of the abyss and are still in denial, will fain belief at the most gullible story, to avoid getting their hands dirty by protecting anything – what they do not own.

If you disagree with the educated, or try to explain a grievance – you are just being negative. I’m glad I’m not educated, and the people I speak to in the housing dumps of this town, don’t think I’m negative. Because these are the places where , you will find the best work of the educated, the situations and criterion on which their status is founded – at the expense of the poorest in our society.

There is no reference in any history books I know of, where the so called un-educated have taken the world to the brink of destruction or created so much carnage in such a shortly span of time. A situation that has happened more times than the educated care to remember. Only the severely indoctrinated (educated) could watch the most powerful country in the world smash the weakest (take your pick) and somehow validate the action through indifference.

People do not have to be experts in world affairs to notice the tyranny of the educated. The experience at the local level reflects the same incompetence, mismanagement and ignorance which only further emphasises the publics need to fight the ignorance of the educated – especially where they can see and experience it first hand, in their communities.

And only the severely indoctrinated could believe the sham that is being performed in our inner cities, under the auspice of urban renewal – with its ill thought out, sticking plaster projects – was anything but designed to smashing the resolve of the weakest and rob them of there estate, while giving such communities the impression that they are part of a renewal.

The same educated who claim to understand this, who will offer some text book solutions to the problem, will be the same educated whose privileged place is maintained by the very fact that it happens.

If the educated really wanted to help, they would look at their own community, before setting off to fix someone else’s, because in doing that they will soon discover that most of the problems of the underprivileged were created there – in the political administrators office, the universities and the computerised mess that is called social planning – not in the streets of housing schemes.

The educated are very sensitive when someone mentions something that threatens the security of the parameters in which they operate, because these parameters tend to be very narrow. They need to be, in order to secure the system that they work within. Educated do-gooders, are smart enough to know how far that they can go, and that is – just not far enough to make any real difference. Because, the educated are not really intelligent at all, for if they were they would use some of that intelligence to make the world and our communities, safer, fairer, more understandable and less frightening places.

The educated do not use their education to help working people, There is no reference in history to show that they ever did. Ordinary citizens make things happen for themselves, in spite of what the educated think, or what they take the credit for. What the planet needs at the present time is some common sense, and the educated seem to be in short supply of this. It will, as usual be left up to the great un washed and uneducated to drag us back from the brink – that is when we manage to drag ourselves away from the distractions that keep us inert – while the educated flourish at our expense.

It would seem odd, even by the most uneducated of us, that in times of crises, within educated circles, superstition and subterfuge is substituted for intelligence. (the debate on terrorism) When we should be hanging our heads in shame, our conscience is ameliorated by entertainment (Live 8).

When we should be building on socialised education, we strive (even those who have suffered from its elitist nature) to send our young to the very institutions who teach the colonial form of education, that consistently reproduces the reward system to conformity , that we try so hard to avoid.

After all, intelligence is not knowledge, (which educated people are full of) it is the ability to shape logically the knowledge we have. We cannot rely on the educated to deliver us from the catastrophes that they themselves create. We can, through participation and our collective knowledge reshape our institutions to developing the idea of critical thought.

In education – only by serving the students development as a critical thinking person, rather than filling their heads with the nonsense and mindless claptrap that is taught in the service of business and political ideology, can we stem the tide of poverty and ignorance that is washing over us. If this is not so – if we are so intelligent, why then are we still listening and allowing ourselves to be led by the lies and stupidity of “educated” fools.