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City Strolls
Just starting to work on this. If you your group wants to be included or you know others who would be interested. Let me know. I will have more details up soon. Ideas welcome. Bob.
The Reshuffle is about what we have in common and how we can work together
When January Reshuffle When – 2008 Where – Pearce Institute Govan
Pearce Institute

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Program Times W/shops
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The idea is to present a series of activities ranging from things to do with the kids to how to become more active in your community. It will not be dull and boring, it will have interesting things for old and young, to try and do. We will cater for the book people, the film goers, as well as the experimental wean. We will be filling the MacLeod hall and other spaces in the Pearce with stalls and groups of all kinds.
How does it work
Last years programYou could go here: Ask not what the Reshuffle can do for you, but what you can do for the Reshuffle. (I’ve heard that before somewhere) We do not have loads of dosh and a grant, the Shuffle like last year will be free and participatory. Just dig in and help each other. We can make money for the rent selling tea and crumpets at the cafe. If you want something to do there’s a list at the bottom – or you could add something. [If you want to add an event,give me your copy soon, so we can start to advertise. Yes you can help with that to. Spread the word:-]
Common Good Games
Common Good Games
The Commonwealth Games to be held in Glasgow in 2014 will accelerate colonisation of out city by big business. The CG like most big spectacles are driven more by massive public relation campaigns, than public support. (apart from the financial support of public taxes). The CGG are designed to raise awareness of the difference between multi million pound spectator sport and the freedom to play sport in the community
The voice of the people needs to be heard
Learn how to project your voice, from the pit of your stomach out into the air. It would surprise you how louder and clearer you can get with some practice. Get some tips on writing to a newspaper, describing your campaign, or your group. Get media attention. Know some of the tricks that will get you published.
Mad science stuff
Science activities for kids. Glasgow University Science Festival Rockets and flyers, Electronic Circuit Building, Make your own Silly Putty, and more will be at the Reshuffle. So if you haven’t soldered before, or made your own gunge – This is the place.
Radical Book Fair
Stalls: resources videotheque events is what RIB is about.
Within Britain, Scotland and specifically Glasgow there are fewer and fewer outlets for independent and radical materials. Corporate bookshops rule the roost and offer little in the way of counter culture, radical voices or local independent materials. The Radical Independent Book-fair project (RIB) has come about to help redress this imbalance… RIB is a support structure for a number of individuals and groups who produce publications, information and materials for sale, view and free distribution.
Harmony Cafe -Broth Mix
Get something cheap and hot or some tea and biscuits at Broth Mix . Donate something towards the Hall hire. Hey kids have you ever wanted to make your own Cola, stead of the other stuff full of sugar and chemicals. Then “Cube Cola” is for you.
Kids Cardboard Club
There will be the Cardboard Club were kids and their parents even, can build wee houses and big towers – then get to knock em down. Or make a big thing out of cardboard and see if you can convince your Dad – that its a good idea you should take it home. That’s always good for a laugh

Document 5 1/2
Document – International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will launch their Touring Shorts Programme from Document 5 which took place in Glasgow in October 2007. The films cover issues such as child homelessness in Ukraine, mental health in Serbia, asylum, drug issues in Scotland, death in the workplace and the Middle East. There will also be a film made by Diversity Films about Document 5 with interviews with international filmmakers and campaigners. Come along and find out what the festival is all about.
Creating our own media

Creating our own representative media A handful of corporations now control more than half the information networks around the world. A snippet of last nights viewing is enough to convince most folk what the media is mainly used for, trivia and advertising and has probably a lot to do with Britain’s £1.5 trillion debt. (That’s a 1,000 billion, we owe banks and businesses)
On TV we have “Business News” why is there no representation of working people on our TV’s, like “Workers news”. We have “Business Sections” in newspapers, even a “Sports Section” but no “Workers Section”. The airwaves are part of the Common Good, they belong to the public. Yet no real public representation. If the British Broadcasting Corporation (coined in the days when corporations were created for a “public” good) are not representing most people – who is.
Part of the answer could be using what we have – to build a communication infrastructure, through learning from local and available networks.
Sunny Govan, The internet, Document 6, Diversity Films, Transmissions Indimedia Scotland, Camcord Guerillas, Southside news, Burugh Angel, Variant Autonomy TV …And many more
UNITY Offering friendly, practical solidarity and mutual aid to all asylum seekers, refugees and sans papiers. Come and hear about the work of Unity and about the work asylum seekers are doing in our communities. There are lots of ways to help out, support and volunteer – and a lot to be learned to through the work of this group
As the tide went out on the shipbuilding history of Govan, many families in the community were left without work and meaning. Modern Govan has been left high and dry by this post-industrial legacy; roots are being lost, values are becoming blurred, and the fast-flowing current of modern life is leaving many behind. At GalGael, we have created a cultural anchor point around which local people are re-kindling skills, community and a sense of purpose. Galgael show us what is possible when we believe things can change
Sunny Govan Radio
There is always a smiling welcome at sunny Govan Radio. Where citizens can make their own programs on a variety of topics – And they will teach you how to do it. Aims and Objectives: To provide access to training, development and volunteering opportunities; to encourage local creative talent; to foster local traditions and to provide services for the benefit, entertainment, education and development of our community..
The Electron Club
The Electron Club is where you can learn about computer software and electronic stuff, building thing with old bits of computers, writing code and so on.The club will be doing a wee workshop on Audacity (free open source software for audio editing) It is pretty easy to learn and can work on Linux, Mac and Windows, or just have a Linux machine sitting there for people to look at. People could maybe record and edit short bits for Sunny Govan to broadcast. The beauty about open source software is you don’t need a fancy new computer with loads of memory to run it. All the computers at the club were found on the streets, in skips, or donated . Find out more here.
Glasgow Residents Network
The Glasgow Residents Network is an evolving coalition of residents associations and communities from across Glasgow, drawn together to work for better stronger communities, and a better fairer city for all our citizens. Workshop “How can we build strong and active communities? What are the positive benefits of getting involved in a residents association. Why Glasgow needs a federation of residents associations, what could be achieved and more. — A short presentation by the Glasgow Residents Network”
A Transition Initiative in the Pipeline
The Transition Towns initiative seeks to engage whole communities in finding practical alternatives to the current fossil fuel-led systems and lifestyles, leading to the creation of an Energy Descent Action Plan – a timetabled plan for a community to move to a lower energy future which is abundant, truly sustainable, re-localised and beautiful. With the challenges of peak oil and climate change on the horizon it makes sense to start planning a resilient local infrastructure now while there is still plenty of time to think.This workshop aims to discuss the process of re-designing our city in an inspiring and positive fashion, “unleashing the collective genius of the community” in the words of Rob Hopkins, the instigator of Transition. The focus is on taking a positive approach – understanding the issues, examining current practices and then creating solutions amongst ourselves. The intention is that via a collective effort to respond to the challenges of peak oil and climate change we inevitably create a city we’re much happier living in
Green Space Workshop
“Open space’ is a term which includes greenspace consisting of any vegetated land or structure, water or geological feature within and on the edges of settlements, including allotments, trees, woodland, paths and ‘civic space’ consisting of squares, market places and other paved or hard landscaped areas with a civic function.” To understand better the importance of protecting and developing this space as a community resource we need to make folk more aware of their existence and their uses.
Proposed agenda items are:
1. Information exchange – update from local groups
2. Planning Aid
3. History and Stories about our greenspaces – project idea
4. Allotments strategy consultation
5. Visit to Elder Park with guided tour.
Common Good Film
“This film presents an overview of what the Common Good is, featuring an interview with land reform activist Andy Wightman along with members of local communities involved in Common Good campaigns. It offers some practical guides of how other communities can find out more, take action over their Common Good assets, and outlines suggestions of how bringing the Common Good back into public control could benefit all our communities directly. Whilst the story of the Common Good stretches back into our history it is an issue of major relevance today, connecting with issues of community land ownership, the control of public assets, and urban redevelopment.”
Workshop/Meeting/common Good
Invited speakers and workshop on on the Common Good
A 2 hr discussion on common good linking to petitions recently discussed by the Scottish Parliament and work undertaken by Andy Wightman. Format will cover discussion on: – a guide to safeguard common good assets. – 3 or 4 people talking about experience from common good petitions from other parts of Scotland. – the list of common good assets produced by Glasgow City Council
If you want to help (No ones going to harangue you just do what your comfortable with)
Ideas board *I have to ask Norrie (PI Manager) if something can be designed for the balcony to draw attention to the gig (ideas for bunting, images sculpture, flags?)
* There’s posters, fliers and such like to be designed Press release to do contacts to be made, a buzz to be got going. Any help welcome.
Keep in touch through the new Strolls/BRIDGE website and updates for other RIB bookstall, film, Doc, and activity events, through out 2008. Watch this space. Reshuffle has no affiliations with any political party.

Reshuffle FAQ

Just starting to work on this. If you your group wants to be included or you know others who would be interested. Let me know. I will have more details up soon. Ideas welcome. Bob
What is the Reshuffle
FAQ and help needed
Would you like to help out at the Reshuffle? Most of the tasks are painless and a bit of fun
Help run the Cafe
Take a spot at serving tea and soup.
Attending the info desk
There will be a wee information desk: What’s on where and general info on what’s happening.
General dogsbody stuff
Moving thing about, going to the shop for milk
Leaflets and spreading the word
There are plenty leaflets to give out and download.
You got filming recording skills. (you don’t need to be an expert)
There will be workshops and filming, recording sound and talking to people about things that take their interest, their community and so on. We want to make a film and publication that can be used to inspire more community activity and how folk can learn the techniques of representing themselves.
You may even have an idea yourself for helping. Help lighten the load do a spot at the Reshuffle it is all part of the idea.
This year “THE ART OF NOISE” Pearce Institute Saturday 31 January 12 – 6 pm
The Reshuffle lasts about 6 hours. Entrance to the building is at 10 am
Stuff can usually be stored day before.
If you want to volunteer some help in any form try and let me know SAP
Any special requirements or tech you need let me know.
The Reshuffle is run on good-will and volunteers.
The more people who do a little the less I have to do
You can organise your own meeting, chat, workshop on the day. Just post up your idea on a table stand and get on with it:-)
Reshuffle is as much to do with coordination and how we can work together and coming away from the day with something to think about. Remember it is what you bring as well as what is there.
This year we hope to have as much information gathering to help plan Reshuffles (or other events) in different areas of the city.
Signage Need to make big red arrows show folk where to go in the building. Leaflet distribution always needs done
Spreading the word – Please forward information if you have a mail list and tell as many folk as possible. program09.htm
Will be updated.
Keep in touch through the new Strolls/BRIDGE website and updates for other RIB bookstall, film, Doc, and activity events, through out 2008. Watch this space. Reshuffle has no affiliations with any political party.


The general aims of the Reshuffle

The Reshuffle has been held at the Pearce Institute every January for the last three years. The organisation of this event has been shared mainly by City Strolls, The Radical Independent Bookfair and support groups.
What the Reshuffle offers is a loose format in which groups, individuals, community projects and the general public can interact and see what is going on in their patch as well as highlighting what is going on elsewhere. We are neither a clique nor are we affiliated to any political group. We are open to ideas from a wide variety of sources. Our criterion is based on – Is this useful – enjoyable – enlightening – and does it point towards helping to strengthen a working-class base for positive social change.
We are experiencing in our cities and villages the erosion of our social base. That is the platform of community that supports and strengthens the confidence of ordinary people to do and act for themselves.
There are many reasons for this de-activation of communities confidence in the ability to act for themselves – many will be highlighted at Reshuffle events. But an important one is how we entertain and interact with each other. How parents, children, friends and neighbours respond collectively to the multi and sometimes complex situations that they find themselves in.
The Reshuffle notion is – that the answers and skills to resolve most of the communities needs, desires and problems, lies within the community itself. “We only need to ‘reshuffle’ our priorities to learn where the answers lie”. The Reshuffles is there to introduce, exchange and encourage the use of as many tools as possible to help in this process.
Reshuffle on the road this year: Would your community like to host one?
Write: Reshuffle, Electron Club, CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

Program | FAQ


January Reshuffle 09 Events

Just starting to work on this. If you your group wants to be included or you know others who would be interested. Let me know. I will have more details up soon. Ideas welcome. Bob.


This year “THE ART OF NOISE” Pearce Institute Saturday 31 January 12 – 6 pm
What is the Reshuffle
Pearce Institute Map
FAQ+ Help out
More Information
May 08 program(Will be updated)
How to stand-up Shout-up and shout out for your community. As well as a workshop on community journalism, making a news-sheet – Sunny Govan Radio will be there, you will be treated to the Electron clubs (subtle) Noise Orchestra; a voice workshop to encourage your confidence, a community consultation wall, a media workshop that will record and film the days events and what folk are saying. GalGael will be there to remind you of the beauty of hand skills and heritage – the cardboard club will be industrious and dynamic, films from document 6, the RIB bookfair + videotheque and more…
This years reshuffle will have an emphasis on solidarity and support – about finding out what ordinary people are thinking – about how to organise, how best to spend our time – and of course having a good time
A mixture of workshops and activities will be continuous through out the day. Timed events/talks will be published nearer the date + evening stuff – if any.
We will setting up a wall at the event where folk can add community information, comments, events, ideas, happenings, concerns – with pictures clippings text drawings. With the possibility of compiling into a Reshuffle newsletter. See also media workshop.
Defending and improving our community facilities (Communicating) 2pm – 3pm
Round table discussion on creating networks for discussion and coordinated action, on defending our community our institutions and Common Good.There is much discussion on “joined up thinking” “networks” “coalitions” “associations” but very little actually happening. Lets make a start then. It is short notice to Saturday – but there is a community centre given up to the topic of communication and making our own media – Come and have a chat see what we can come up with. Please forward to any interested parties and campaigns you know of.
This reshuffle you will have a chance to make the news and be the news. There will be an opportunity to tell your story on video, or audio:
The Radical Independent Book-fair project
Look through the books, leaflets, videos there is a whole world of information and issues of importance – not the nullification of televisions plastic people. Real people doing real things. Events in history perpetrated by ordinary people that you can be proud of. Pick up some free information, free stickers and look at books written for a free world.
Get a camera, bring a camera, borrow a camera and join the media team – learn to get the right kind of picture – How to use the web to to post your video, pictures and sound. Find out about free software that works on old computers. Get your own website/blog and tell the world what your thinking. Help to record the days events for the newsletter
PERIPHERACTIONS A project exploring sense of place (Drumchapel)
Sensing the City
Around the world, the neo-liberal city pushes active citizenship to the margins; questions of citizens’ rights to make use of urban space are now an issue on the agenda of public discourse. Gentrification, privatisation, zonification; there is no room left for the citizen, except consumer space. But we can fight back, reclaim lost territories.
May Day is but one day, but it’s our day! 3-4pm
Is there not a better time to be re-energising our traditions that celebrate achievement, hope, progress in building a vision for working people? That’s what May Day used to stand for. Not just a day to go shopping – and spending more money to entertain the kids. If you are interested in organising activities for May Day 09, come to this meeting and help to think about what we want from the workers weekend.
Glasgow City Council, like many councils though out the country have put a stop to all advertising in newspapers. From now on the only way you will have of knowing which issues the council are discussing, what plans they have for your area and your town in general is by looking it up on the internet. Are they planning to shut schools, start charging for museum entry or build flats in our city’s parks – you will now have to log on to the council’s own website to find out. It is your basic right as a citizen to know what is happening in your area. This is being eroded. Not everyone has access to the web – If you are in hospital, if you can’t afford a computer, many elderly people don’t find it easy to use computers. The council’s argument is that if you don’t have access to the web, then you will be able to see the information on posters in the local library or council buildings. But if you live in an isolated community, you won’t have this access either. What with censorship issues, lack of consultation, withdrawal of advertising from independent media outlets concerning important Governmental information at both the national and local level. Is there a better time for communities to implement their own news sheets, radio programs and information sharing outlets?
This year the reshuffle will look at some of the issues
Learn how to lay out your news-sheet and get your information across from newsletter publishers and professional journalists. Get your news out there on news-sheets, leaflets, zines posters – get straight to the point on your fliers and be noticed
SOUND CONFIDENT – Voice Workshop Time: between 2- 4pm
Ever felt tongue tied, lost for words, know what you want to say, but feel it often fails to come across clearly? Then this workshop is for you – an opportunity to realize to your vocal potential by connecting to your body and breath. We will explore a range of exercises to integrate your body, voice and text allowing your unique and authentic voice to be clearly heard.
Steampunk is the rebellion against the mass produced, rejecting the ubiquitous beige PC, refusing the black HiFi, avoiding the silver laptop. It is the anachronistic use of mixed technologies, appearing to hark to a 21st century victorian world of lady/gentlemen amateur scientists/engineers. It is a deep-retro nostalgia for beautiful handmade objects without relinquishing the conveniences of modern life.
Steampunk is Victoriana. It is steamwork. It is clockwork. It is Sci-Fi. It is fantasy. It is a design movement, a literary movement, a fashion statement. It is for everyone. It is for nerds. It is found objects. It is elegant and custom-made. It is often one-off. It is not mass-produced.
Brass is its badge, clockwork its slogan and Jules Verne its prophet.At the Reshuffle I will offer the public the opportunity to send each other messages and make statements on a Steampunk Magical-movable-type Public Prestidigital Communicator (aka offline mechanical blog).
Group aims to promote and establish an open source hardware movement. And possibly also create an open database for designs etc. to be stored
Watch the kids (and there parents) create there own cardboard community. Tiny tots to mums and dads grannies and grandpas, are all drawn by the magic of cardboard.

Dance Cardboard Glass walk
Too often, in today’s world, work has become mere waged labour, where drudgery has replaced joy. What’s more, work is hived off in business parks and industrial estates. Is it any wonder that the work ethic has been so easily extinguished and is so hard to rekindle? GalGael is trying its best to turn this situation around by re-rooting work in the heart of the community at its workshop in Govan, in Glasgow.
Here, the method is simple; give folk a place to work, tools both attitudinal and practical and some basic respect and the rest comes naturally
SCIENCE FOR WEANS (and big yins)
56 kids learned how to solder wires and build electrical circuits at the last Reshuffle and experimented with a variety of simple scientific projects
There is a new group formed dealing with the impact of the Commonwealth Games in our city. Glasgow 2014 Games Monitor The main concern being what do local people gain through these big events. The website will be a partner to the Games Monitor, which is a network of people raising awareness about issues within the London Olympic development processes.
The Commonwealth Orchard
The Orchards we plant are for everyone to benefit from regardless of age or any other factor. We have learned from experience that if you involve children in planting these orchard, not only do they love it, and look after it, but they bring the whole of the community with them – parents, grandparents, friends, and they bring fantastic and fresh ideas with them. And it is today’s children that will harvest the fruit in years to come, with their children.TCO is looking for people to put their thinking caps on and to feed in ideas about the Commonwealth – and the Commonwealth Orchard – and what that could mean to ordinary people across Scotland and Glasgow too. The Commonwealth Orchard is a project put forward to the Scottish Government by the Children’s Orchard – with the idea being to create a more fruitful Scotland.
Glasgow Social Centre aims to create a safe and healthy space, open to all members of the community, that will operate as a network or hub for a variety of community and social groups in Glasgow. Working on principles of mutual aid, solidarity and co-operation, we will strive to provide a space which promotes and educates around issues of environmental and social justice.
At the reshuffle you could help decide on what a social center means
use the social space, board with info and space for people to add thoughts/ideas/comments – build a cardboard ‘social space’ with kids, and decorate it, -get people to write what they want from a social space, and stick it on wall, or on cardboard space. ‘public consultation’ ask people if they want a social space and what they would want it to be for them: See cardboard club
Common Good Games will be at hand if you feel energetic. New games wanted – make them up yourself – all ages – games are for doing not watching on television.
The Bridge project will act as a portal for collecting information from a variety of sources groups and activities in order to organise joint ventures, share resources, socialise work and organise event space
It is helpful to tell us if you want to be involved doing workshops, helping out and so on. There will be leaflets to design, and deliver
If anyone has info, interest, or would like to help be good to hear from them, but help is always appreciated on the day.
The PI as it is called has figured in the imagination of not only Govan but the whole of Glasgow (and beyond). Most amateur and professionals alike over the decades have warm recollections of performing and rehearsing at the PI. It has been the home to countless groups and experiments in social activities over the years. There has been tv programs and films made there. The pearce has had a lively theatrical life both amateur and professional (and a theatre). It has been home to a diversity of interests from the Free University to ballroom dancing, clubs, sports – has a beautiful snooker room and in its past life was kitted out with cookery demonstration rooms and has housed a myriad of practical, educational tools for community life.
One of the most important aspect of the PI is it is very much a part of the Govan psyche and for a long time has been the nucleus of Govan culture. The other is the people it draws together. The Reshuffle event is about drawing on that culture and celebrating its ideas.

It has always been the intention to take the Reshuffle/RIB events to other parts of the city. Particularly to the East End. In the time before the next Reshuffle folk will be invited from different groups, and interests,to the next event to see what is on with the view to creating their own gig in their own community. There is the possibility of doing an events in Drumchapel, Shettleston, Easterhouse Bridgeton. The Reshuffle invites folk from these areas (or if you know anyone who would be interested) with a view to organising there own event with the help of the Reshuffle crew.
Sunny Govan is a unique grassroots radio station, encouraging volunteering, training & development through the medium of community radio, and aims to encourage and support local creative talent, fostering local traditions and providing services for the benefit, entertainment, education and development of our community. Sunny Govan do song-writing workshops, learn folk to be radio presenters and will help you get your message to your audience.
The Electron Club
The Electron Club is where you can learn about computer software and electronic stuff, building thing with old bits of computers, writing code and so on.The club will be doing a wee workshop on Audacity (free open source software for audio editing) It is pretty easy to learn and can work on Linux, Mac and Windows, or just have a Linux machine sitting there for people to look at. People could maybe record and edit short bits for Sunny Govan to broadcast. The beauty about open source software is you don’t need a fancy new computer with loads of memory to run it. All the computers at the club were found on the streets, in skips, or donated . Find out more here.
Unity centre
“After lunch I went to the Unity office and my neighbour arrived there soon after me – I’d given him the address that morning. He was carrying the baby and I was about to fly into a rage at them taking the mother when she walked in behind him. Hooray! They had only detained her for a short time. All of that show of strength and time and money to give her one piece of paper! We organised a lawyer for them. Thank yous and hugs. I burst into tears when they walked out the door. The strain and relief all at the same time” Unity Diary. Find out about the work UNITY does at the Reshuffle
Document 10
Two Films from Document6
Document 6 Roma Programme
@ January Reshuffle – The Art of Noise
2pm Sat 31/1/09 Pearce Institute
840 – 860 Govan Road, Govan
Roma of Govanhill
Janos Kovacs, Janos Joka Daroczi
Hungary | 2008 | 20 mins
Since the industrial revolution, Glasgow, like Liverpool or London, is a city whose identity has largely been forged by successive waves of immigration, from the Gaels of the 19th Century fleeing the Clearances to the Polish visitors of the present day.The neighbourhood of Govanhill on the South Side of Glasgow has historically played host to many new cultures arriving in the city, from the Irish to the Jewish communities, and later to Asian families from India and Pakistan. Post-EU Accession, the most recent of these
have been Slovakian citizens of the Romani people. Made by Roma Magazine for Magyar TV in Hungary, this film sets out to show life in Govanhill today as experienced by the Roma and others in this mixed neighbourhood.I Have Dreamt Of Working As A Hairdresser
Lidija Mirkovic
Serbia 2007 / 85 Mins
Iva, a young Roma hairdresser from Serbia, hopes to remain in Germany with her family. They stay on illegally. They get caught and deported back to Belgrade.From now on they must live by exploiting the waste on the landfill, collecting paper, scavenging in the streets, polishing shoes or
selling in the flea market. Living in the slums on the margins of society is unhealthy and often dangerous. School children become victims of violent rightwing criminals. The young Roma go to work as street musicians, beggars or prostitutes. There is little hope for better.
Keep in touch through the new Strolls/BRIDGE website and updates for other RIB bookstall, film, Doc, and activity events, through out 2008. Watch this space. Reshuffle has no affiliations with any political party.