Common Good

Common Good Awareness Project was set up to create awareness of the Common Good fund in Scotland. What it is. What is happening to it and how it could be used for the benefit of the public who own it.

This participatory idea of economics would have much more relevance to administering the Common Good Fund – or even useful in shaping ideas in creating accountability and public control of Scotland’s Common Good.

Scotland it is very unique. Because, our Common Good is actually protected by laws that go beck 500 years and consists of lots of valuable assets, such as land, property, art, jewels and the like—and all the things we get into free—that is also part of our Common Good to. So we (the public) own these valuables in perpetuity so our kids and their kids can get the benefit of them to.

Now there are people employed in government whose job is to look after these assets in trust for the public—to make sure the assets work for the benefit of the public and the profits made from the CG return to the common good fund. This is not happening in many places and some of the decisions on what happens to these funds are being carried out without due public consent or consultation.

We need to find better ways to develop and protect these assets in a more participatory and publicly accountable way. And to help set up templates to share with other places to re establish the Common Good as a tool in helping to establish public control of assets and land.