Run Trade Union

“A Young Achievers, program where Australian high school students spend twelve months learning how to make a profit by starting up a company. Most of us tend to view this activity as unproblematic. Yet imagine for a moment that we changed the subject so that the students spend twelve months learning how to establish and run a trade union. Such an educational activity is likely to be widely denounced as biased, one sided and ‘inappropriate’. Yet what has changed? In both cases a set of economic interests seek to have their values inculcated in the young. That profit over community appears more acceptable is only one indication of the nature and effects of propaganda in our democracies” Taking The Risk Out Of Democracy John Carey
Why do we not get taught to set up a trade union at school? Would employers want their future employees to know their rights before they start work?

If school is there to give children a rounded education, if we teach them about profits and business, why not about trade union organising?
What is going to be more important to most students futures? Learning to run a business or learning to protect their livelihood when working for a business?
Why are unions and union personnel portrayed as old fashioned and out of sink with the modern world?

It was not the bosses who fought for an eight hour week, or better conditions on the factory floor, a better rate of pay and time off for enjoyment.
The bosses were perfectly happy when the workers were doing 12 hour shifts under dire conditions. It wasn’t they who complained to change conditions and wages

In isolation we can be controlled easier and set against each other. If profits and low wages are the employers only concerns, isolated workers is what needs to be achieved.

The history of unions are portraying as old fashioned because it is workers history that educates the future worker, in how movements are built. And the study of these things highlights the obvious idea that, who better to represent the workers, than the workers themselves.