Strengthening the Social Base

 reshuffle 005So much of the social base of our communities was weakened or just destroyed during and after the disappearance of our heavy industries. An important aspect of the work needing done for the benefit of the community is to repair and strengthen that social base. Social base meaning how folk go about their day to day lives, where they meet, how they inform, communicate, help and support each other and importantly make their own enjoyment.

These are the things corporations destroy to make it easier to take things away from us and to replace the void with consumerism. The social base, consists of the institutions we need to rebuild to take things back. Every idea we can think of to do this, they (big business) will be thinking of others ways to stop us.

If the tactic of big business is to create isolation – ours need to be the opposite – create solidarity. Folk don’t just sit and watch television because they don’t care. They can be overworked, disenfranchised, confused, scared lonely, out of touch. Replacing fear and isolation with confidence is part of the route to a healthy community

Out of enjoyment and laughter, social bases can be strengthened. Learning what people enjoy, and need, can be learned in the process. Making people feel safe and part of something helps give the community strength and unity for what they will need to fight for.