Why do we work?

We live in a world where vast proportions of the world can starve while mountains of food rot because profits can’t be made on it. This is part of the wage economy. The boss tries to get as much work out of the wage earner as possible and the worker makes the effort to do the opposite, usually without the same success as the boss. The worker works not for what she or he produces but for the wage. The worker deflects the misery of the job in consumerism and debt. This is the cycle most workers are stuck in and that is the lucky ones with a job.

To do the opposite of this and apply some common sense to the process is almost criminal in western society. Working to create what you need is almost unheard of. The wage slave learns to remove such thoughts from their minds and learns to be grateful for “waged” misery. The brave ones who try to change this will either meet the strong arm of the law or be banished as eccentric, (only the rich are allowed this privilege). The rest need to be certificated, licensed, permitted, educated, selected and even then, not allowed.

We have inherited through wage slavery a world that is incapable of repairing itself, without having permission from the slave masters – which we will not get. If ever there was a time for common sense, creativity, self determination and cooperation against the stupidity of an economic system that prides itself in putting the country in almost £4 trillion in debt – It is now.

We can’t get rid of debt through wage slavery, it is the very product of wage slavery. Debt is an abstraction in a world of stupidity. The sooner we ignore it and its architects and start working on what really “needs done”, the better it will be for the majority of us.