The abstraction called money

Another statement that may get you certified idiot in western society is: “Money is not important.” This can be confused with “Life isn’t important”. “What do you mean, money isn’t important?” “How are you suppose to live, if you have no money”. He or she will then shake their head and walk away in bewilderment from someone who makes no sense to them.

Rich or poor will both agree on this. It is as if we have been hot- wired to channel all of our senses of well being, love, pain, passion, imagination and progress, to the value of money. Money has become an abstraction for feeling. It reminds me of the cartoon where the business man, in a pang of conscientiousness, mulls over the terrible problems of the world; then he checks his bank balance. It is favourable and the world becomes an OK place again.

We have multi millionaires talking in the media – discussing the merits of “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay”… No one ever questions the fact that this person’s wage is a million a day. It goes unnoticed and is taken for granted – No one questions it! Well not in a media system that closely resembles the propaganda portal of the business sect. The worship of money musters the zeal and obsession of any sect you can think of. People will brush off religious sects as cranks, or nuts, but then turn to worship at the machine of commerce, with all the blind faith that is needed to turn out useless commodities, in return for the abstraction called money. What makes a sect that worships “money ” different from any other?

Money is just another power technology that stands in the way of understanding real social value. Money renders people useless, if their skills, position or possessions can not be measured by it.

Money is a measure of corporate power. There are other value systems that would create and give power to working people