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Creative Scotland Blog Creative Scotland is the proposed merger and expanded remit of the public bodies, the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen. It is a confusing and self-contradictory set of proposals overwhelmingly seeking to makes artists instruments of government policy – in the words of the bill, artists are to “support the government’s overarching purpose”.



Glasgow Allotments Forum was set up to represent allotment sites and plot holders throughout the Glasgow City area.



Glasgow Open School Welcome to the online space of our investigations. We aim to create an open and critical atmosphere for shared learning. We invite you to join us.

New Social Art School New Social Art School is obviously not a typical art school; we have got no specific location, no teachers in the traditional sense, no curriculum and no money. What we have is a small group of collaborators with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

Scottish Artists Union The Scottish Artists Union lobbies on behalf of visual artists working in Scotland, defending their rights, expanding their benefits and fighting to make their professional practice a means to support a better quality of life.

Southside Studios Southside Studios provide studios and support for Glasgow based Artists. The studios are the first of its kind on the Southside of Glasgow where there is a lack of available inexpensive studio provision. Two years on, Southside Studios have 24 studio spaces, wireless internet, wood workshop, greenhouse, kitchen, pizza oven and gallery.

Streetland is a programme of exhibitions, performances and events in and around Westmoreland Street, Govanhil

Transmission A diverse and increasingly high profile art scene has emerged in Glasgow with Transmission at its centre. Transmission provides a place where artists can meet, talk and exhibit along with local and international peers and influences.



Maryhill integration Network This website is intended to provide information to asylum seekers and refugees, and the local communities in Maryhill. It shows how this Network is working towards its mission of integrating the host communities and newcomers from different backgrounds, to build social bridges and bonds, to influence services, and to overcome isolation.

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) supports individuals, families and communities to campaign against forced removals from the UK. We provide free, confidential advice on campaigning, manage online information resources and an email news service, and run group training sessions. In 2010/11 NCADC is working with other groups in Glasgow to form a new refugee and migrant action network to get us all working better together. We are always looking for more volunteers to get involved.

Positive Action In Housing Positive Action in Housing Ltd is a Scottish wide charity working with communities, housing providers, voluntary organisation’s and faith groups to enable everyone to have an equal chance to live in good quality, affordable and safe homes, free from discrimination and the fear of racial harassment and violence.

Unity Offering friendly, practical solidarity and mutual aid to all asylum seekers, refugees and sans papiers.





Common Wheel – We exist to provide meaningful activity for people with mental illness by recycling and repairing old bicycles

Glasgow Critical Mass velorution 17:30 George Square last Friday of every month. Just be there and cycle

Glasgow Bike Shed – are a Glasgow based Community Social Enterprise that recycles bicycles from a variety of local sources and promotes safe cycling in town. Refurbished donated bikes and re-usable parts will be sold in the shop. All other parts such as steel, aluminum, alloys, rubber etc will be dismantled for scrap. It also offers bicycle related training and advice to local communities such as puncture repair, bike maintenance and cycle training.

Go Bike meetings on the last Wednesday of each month, 7.30pm at the Friends’ Meeting House

No Mean Streets Glasgow cyclists are having a hard time in traffic. Compared to many other cities, few people cycle here. The city council is keen to encourage and promote cycling, but we cyclists think that not enough is happening in reality. This project is trying to create a dialogue between road users in order to improve the provision for and attitude towards cyclists.



Glasgow Libraries Map

Glasgow Woman’s Library To address a prevalent gender gap that contributes to complex inequalities in Scotland. To take a lead role in redressing the neglect of women’s historical and cultural contributions to Scottish society by providing a catalyst for change. To invest in women’s social and creative capital to the benefit of our nation.

Radical Independent Bookfair INFORMATION on the project Glasgow’s Radical Independent Book-fair project… Within Britain, Scotland and specifically Glasgow there are fewer and fewer outlets for independent and radical materials. Corporate bookshops rule the roost and offer little in the way of counter culture, radical voices or local independent materials. The Radical Independent Book-fair project (RIB) has come about to help redress this imbalance.



Glasgow West CND meet 7.30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month in the Annexe, 9a Stewartville St, Partick.

Glasgow Greenpeace meets at 7.00pm first Tuesday of every month in Friends’ Meeting House, 38 Elmbank Crescent

Glasgow Palestinian Human Rights Campaign The GPHRC was formed early in 2003 after visiting the West Bank. On our time spent in the Refugee Camps and after conversations with various people living in the Camps we were shocked to see the poverty and injustices inflicted upon the Palestinian people by the Israeli Occupation Forces.

Govanhill Defence Campaign The Govanhill Defence Campaign has been established to oppose political policing and defend the democratic right of progressive campaigns to organise on the streets.

Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign
Hard Work Doesn’t Kill Anyone… The Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign (GMMC) is a group that know that hard work does kill and injure. Families against Corporate killers (FACK) estimate that 1,700 people are killed annually in workplace incidents, that’s not including the thousands who die of occupational diseases. Read more:

WDM (World Development Movement) Glasgow – are a group of committed local people who campaign to tackle the root causes of global poverty and injustice. We try to raise awareness of the issues of global injustice in the Glasgow area, as well as lobbying politicians and corporations.

Network Action Glasgow
Network Action Glasgow exists as a platform for local campaigns and action groups to connect with communities around the city. We believe that NGOs, Unions and Governments do not present genuine solutions to the problems we currently face, and the only real alternatives come from real democracy: people organising ourselves to create the society we want to live in. In order for our imagined solutions to become realities, we need to talk about them and build them together, to speak truth to power and challenge assumptions about what is possible. We are primarily an outreach collective focusing on making accessible the alternatives to our unsustainable society by providing a hub to share events and ideas.



Go Greener ‘Go Greener’ is the East Renfrewshire Climate Change Partnership. They are an independent organisation with the aim of being the environmental conscience of all East Renfrewshire residents, encouraging them to recycle, compost and become energy efficient. They want people to do this but they’re prepared to prompt them to do so on the doorstep. They’re looking for ‘Eco warriors’ of all ages and from all areas.



Common Good Awareness Project Help explain what the common good is, what is happening to it, what should be happening to it – And to create a set of tools to help you find out

Common Good Watch Common Good posts needed from a variety of sources. Either send links, articles, essays, photographs, clippings, history – or if it is something you would be interested in – join the blog and input direct.

Glasgow Lost To raise awareness of concerns relating to the transfer of management of Glasgow’s Common Good assets to a charity/private company. It may also be developed into a medium for discussing the consequences of the transfer.



The Pearce Institute – The PI is home to a wide range of community groups and social economy organisations sharing the common aim of meeting the needs of the people of Govan. With a wide range of accommodation the PI can offer organisations an ideal venue for meetings, conferences, social functions, recreational pursuits and leisure activities

Kinning Park Complex 40 Cornwall Street Glasgow G41 1AQ Map



The Coach House Trust – The Coach House Trust is becoming recognized as a major innovative organization in the field of mental health and environmental and social justice. We are an emerging social firm/enterprise and have received considerable support from various departments of the Glasgow City Council to achieve this recognition.

Dennistoun Community Together – Dennistoun Community Together (DCT) is a grass roots not-for-profit community group in Dennistoun run entirely by residents, in their spare time. The group is very much about being for the people and by the people. DCT was established in the Spring of 2007 and has a constitution with an annually elected board, but we are apolitical and not focused on “fighting causes”.

Govanhill Baths Community Trust meet first and third Tuesdays at Govanhill Community Centre, Daisy Street. Find them on our map

GOW Community – GOW is the community group established by those who live around the back court bordered by Gibson Street, Otago Street and Westbank Quadrant. They work for the physical and social improvement of their community. Their journey began with the transformation of their shared back court.

Hyndland Residents Association – The Association was set up to represent the aspirations and concerns of the residents of Hyndland and to preserve and enhance the character and amenity of Hyndland and the surrounding area.

Woodlands Community Development Trust – the Trust exists to promote the redevelopment and revitalisation of the the area of Woodlands and neighbouring areas, all for the benefit of the said areas and all businesses and organisations situated within the said areas without distinction as to their race, age or sex or political, religious or other opinions by delivering programmes to benefit the work, health learning, safety and quality of life of residents.



City Strolls – City Strolls is a web site born out of listening to the endless hyperbole given out by faceless public relations and the advertising machines that claims to speak and act in our name

Community Councils This site provides Community Councillors in Scotland with the knowledge they need to carry out their work as informed, independent, and resourceful advocates for their constituents and communities.

Community InfoSourse Community InfoSource is not-for-profit Community Interest Company, formed in Scotland in March 2005. Two of our five directors are refugees and we work mainly with refugee, migrant and minority ethnic communities.

Glasgow Community Information Groups Places Subjects Documents

Glasgow Residents Network – The Glasgow Residents Network is an evolving coalition of residents associations and communities from across Glasgow, drawn together to work for better stronger communities, and a better fairer city for all our citizens.

Glasgow Voluntary Community Sector Early in 2004, Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector secured funding from Social Justice Resources for Glasgow in order to develop a core information resource for the community and voluntary sector in the city.

Southsidehappening – Ideas on what’s on, developments in the southside and some good wee stories about what is happening southside generally
Awalkaround Free walking tours around places, I’m trying to get some walks around our more neglected areas of the city.




The Bullwood Project – is a woodturning and woodworking charity open to all people which aims to provide relief to those, who by reason of age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage find themselves isolated and working alone and to provide for the advancement of environmental protection by seeking to process trees that are destined for landfill and recycle the timber back into the community

Gal Gael – As the tide went out on the shipbuilding history of Govan, many families in the community were left without work and meaning. Modern Govan has been left high and dry by this post-industrial legacy; roots are being lost, values are becoming blurred, and the fast-flowing current of modern life is leaving many behind. At GalGael, we have created a cultural anchor point around which local people are re-kindling skills, community and a sense of purpose.

Wool Craft (Galgael) We’re all met together here to sit and to clack With our glasses in our hands and our work upon our back There’s nae a trade among ’em who could mend or could knack If it wasna for the Work O’ the Weavers

World Through Wooden Eyes The Ideas Store is managed by John M. Blundall, one of the world’s leading puppet masters, director, designer, craftsman, and creator of more than 80 major multimedia puppet theatre productions, and collaborator with national theatre, opera and ballet companies, and Stephen Foster, studio craftsman, designer and creator of puppets and masks.



Don’t Back the Bid (Commonwealth Games)

Games Monitor 2014 We are an emerging group of people raising awareness about the impacts of ‘regeneration’ via the Commonwealth Games 2014 (CG 2014), and the Clyde Gateway Intiative (CGI). Our group is influenced and inspired by the people behind the Games Monitor in London, who have successfully debunked many of the myths surrounding the Olympic Games 2012.




Hidden Glasgow Discover the secret and hidden side of Glasgow through photographs, maps and images. The Hidden Glasgow Guide to Glasgow’s undiscovered side




Glasgow DIY – Video Glasgow Festival of DIY Culture is the result of conversations between members of a creative community that exist here in Glasgow. All events are free or not-for-profit and aim to be communal, sustainable, non-elitist and fun.



Alastair McIntosh Hello, and a warm welcome to the website of Alastair McIntosh. Thank you for visiting my homepage. Located in Glasgow, Scotland, I am an independent scholar, activist, writer, speaker and broadcaster from the Isle of Lewis

Bodhi Eco-Project – Bodhi Eco-Project presents a positive and creative response to the ecological and social challenges we face today. It is a dynamic hub of activities and resources that empower us to live sustainability and harmoniously with each other and with this precious, living planet.

Carbon Rationing Action Group (CRAG) Glasgow – the Glasgow CRAG are now well into their 2nd carbon year. They have been meeting up every quarter to catch up on their carbon progress. Many meet more regularly to take part in other green initiatives in the city.

Friends of the Earth Glasgow – meet monthly on the 1st Wednesday of the month. FoE Glasgow also have an online guide to Reducing, Reusing & Recycling Waste in the Glasgow area called Too Good To Waste.

Sustainable Backcourt Initiative (SBI)– The SBI works to get residents and landlords involved in improving and using their tenement backcourts.

Towards Transition Glasgow (TTG) acts as a hub for communities and individuals that are exploring the Transition model. It is a collective of like minded people, communities and groups from across Glasgow and beyond who are preparing for a low-carbon future by addressing climate change and peak oil through positive action. So please get involved so we can make Glasgow a truly Dear Green Place!

Urban Roots ‘environmental community organisation based in Toryglen but working across the Southside – Urban Roots aims to inspire and support people and communities to take radical actions that will make a positive difference to our environment now and into the future. Urban Roots has projects and opportunities in community gardening and urban food growing, community woodlands, climate change education and environmental arts.’ map



AUToNOMi (Film) Autonomi is a state of mind, an attitude and a way of doing things. Our approach to filmmaking & TV production involves intimacy, professionalism and trust. We take our independent, authored projects to a global audience using both existing and evolving technologies and platforms.

Best Laid Schemes We went on to use the online film publishing system to create the first documentary of its kind – Best Laid Schemes – looking at the city of Glasgow and its plans to rebuild after the Second World War

Camcorder Guerillas – since 2003 The Camcorder Guerillas have been making hard-hitting, entertaining and award winning films on various social justice issues that are affecting our local communities. Based in Glasgow, Scotland we are a voluntary collective with a strong membership of skilled individual who are committed to making high quality video tools for groups and individuals campaigning on social justice issues.

Diversity Films Welcome to Diversity Films new film-making training and mentoring initiative for first-time filmmakers It might not make you famous, but it will be the start of something… If you are looking for your first short film commission, are aged 16+ and are not in full-time education, employment or already on media-related training, this programme could be for you.

Document Document is the only dedicated international human rights documentary film festival in Scotland. Held annually in October, we’re a grassroots initiative that aims to use film as an advocacy tool to raise the profile and promote debate of human rights & social issues across the globe.

Given to the people ‘Given To The People’ is a film telling the story of the Pollok Free State. The Free State was initiated by the actions of local resident, Colin Macleod, who began a tree top protest against the building of the M77 motorway through Pollok Park in the early 1990s.

Reel Lives Reel Lives is a unique partnership between Scottish Screen and Glasgow Museums. Our aim is to record people’s stories, memories and testimonies, using archive films and Glasgow Museums’ collections as inspiration.

Scottish Screen Archive The Scottish Screen Archive is Scotland’s national moving images collection. It preserves over 100 years of Scottish history on film and video. We can provide thousands of titles for personal, educational or commercial use.



Children’s Garden, Glasgow Botanics – the Children’s Garden is a great place for children, friends and families. It’s where you can play with your friends, plant seeds, water, on games and cool outdoor stuff. We also harvest, cook or sell some of the food that grows here. Also they want to build on the success of Glasgow Children’s Orchard – and look at how to take the Children’s Orchard, Scotland wide. Find them on our map

City Food Gardens – please get in touch if you would like to get involved with City Food Gardens in Glasgow – whether you have a garden or you are looking for somewhere to grow some food.

Commonwealth Orchard – the Commonwealth Orchard has been developed by John Hancox of the Children’s Orchard. The idea is that children, communities, schools, and ordinary people plant near to where they live. The Commonwealth Orchard would create links between people across Scotland and across other Commonwealth Countries. Check out their Google Map.

Farmers’ Markets – in Partick on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month, and in Queen’s Park 1st and 3rd Saturdays, usually 11am-2pm. Find them on our map. For info on Farmer’s markets elsewhere in Scotland click here

Glasgow Master Composter Programme – the Glasgow programme is one of ten Master Composter programmes in Scotland. The programme will encourage, advise and educate people in Glasgow about all aspects of home composting. Local Master Composter volunteers are being recruited and trained to advise and help individuals and community groups establish a home composting regime and ultimately help divert biodegradable and organic materials from landfill.

Glasgow Guerrilla Gardening – The Glasgow Guerrilla Gardeners blog to document all the guerrilla gardening activity happening in Glasgow. Many have been inspired by Richard Reynolds ‘On Guerrilla Gardening’. Currently working on plots in Townhead, Wilson street and they are aware of others around town.

GROW (Garden Revolutions of the West End) – G R O W hopes to become a hub for Hillhead and Woodlands gardening revolutions. A point of contact to initiate and discuss ideas; a community of residents, students, artists, tradepersons, organisations and plants united.

The Hidden Gardens – the Hidden Gardens is Scotland’s first permanent public garden for the 21st century and a visionary new landmark for Scotland. The Hidden Gardens are the result of a two year consultation and design process that have seen the transformation of a derelict industrial site on Glasgow’s south side into a tranquil and inspirational haven.

North Glasgow Community Food Initiative (NGCFI) – their vision is to engage people in practical and sustainable food related projects that inspire health and well-being and celebrate the diverse nature of communities in North Glasgow. Find them on our map

Urban Roots ‘environmental community organisation based in Toryglen but working across the Southside – Urban Roots aims to inspire and support people and communities to take radical actions that will make a positive difference to our environment now and into the future. Urban Roots has projects and opportunities in community gardening and urban food growing, community woodlands, climate change education and environmental arts.’ map



This map shows community based organisations that are involved in local food growing and production and the places that they grow their food. Glasgow Local Food Network is an informal gathering of co…


Camstradden Community Garden
Pineview Housing Association


The Childrens’ Garden (Glasgow Botanics)



East Pollokshields Quad
Community space looked after by local people in Pollokshields Part of Ready, Steady Grow Pollokshields

TOP Short video


The Hidden Gardens


Located in the grounds of Kinning Park Complex, open to anyone in the local community.




Kingsway Court Community Garden


Montford Green Community Garden
Kings Park and Bankhead residents group


Nan McKay Hall Garden
Developed with Urban Roots – is productive community garden benefiting users of the Nan Mackay Hall and the local community.


Old Castle Rd Community Garden
Cathcart Community Council 10-14 Stanley Street, G41 1JA


Playbusters – Parkhead Community Garden


Queen’s Park Orchard No 1
This small orchard has 18 trees in a heart shaped formation. This orchard is part of the Commonweath Orchard


Queen’s Park Orchard No 2
This larger orchard has approx. 100 trees planted on the slope overlooking the pond. This orchard is part of the Commonweath Orchard


Reform G43 Community Garden
ReForm G43 Facebook Group Supported by Urban Roots

TOP market garden and community allotments


Glasgow University’s Willowbank Community Garden


Pollokshaws Community Garden
Part of Pollokshaws Area Network. Supported by Urban Roots.


David Cargill Growing Project
A partnership comprising Urban Roots, Fair Deal and the David Cargill Centre. People with additional support needs gardening group.


St Oswalds Community Garden
Work in progress: Church group planning to open up area of derelict land for community use allotments/growing space. Working with Urban Roots.


Glasgow Guide Glasgow is a city with a population of 620,000 people situated in 68 square miles of west central Scotland along both banks of the River Clyde. The city occupies much of the lower Clyde valley incorporating suburbs – with an overall population of 1.4 million people – which extend into surrounding districts.



Greater Pollok Kist Welcome to the Greater Pollok Kist, a unique Community Museum based in Pollok, Glasgow, Scotland. Kist is a Scots word meaning storage ‘chest’ usually a large blanket chest. This 100 year old Kist was donated by a Crookston Resident.

The Glasgow Story As told by some of Scotland’s best writers, and illustrated with thousands of images from the collections of the city’s world-famous libraries, museums and universities. From football to fashions, Auchenshuggle to Yoker, you’ll find it all here.




Glasgow Media Group For over thirty years the purpose of our work has been to promote the development of new methodologies and substantive research in the area of media and communications. The Media Group consists mostly of researchers and academics who have worked in the Media Unit based in the Sociology department of Glasgow University, as well as broadcasters, journalists and others who have worked with us.



Credit Unions in Glasgow – Glasgow has a wide range of credit unions, 35 in total with nearly 110,000 members between them, managing over £151m in assets and this is a useful website where you can find out all about them.



Govan Law Centre Govan Law Centre (GLC) is a free legal resource (Scottish charity no. SCO30193). Our main office is located at the Orkney Street Enterprise Centre. Through the legal practice of Dailly & Co., Solicitors we undertake expert advice, court and tribunal representation in Scotland.

Environmental Law Centre The Environmental Law Centre Scotland (‘ELCS’) is a charitable law centre using law to protect people, the environment and nature, and increase access to environmental justice.



OSM Glasgow Mapping parties are events where anyone can come and participate in the OpenStreetMap project. OpenStreetMap is a free, open source map that can be contributed, edited and used by anyone anywhere.


Burgh Angel The Burgh Angel, is a community newspaper dedicated in to producing news and collecting information on topics that are of importance to those in the community not represented by mainline media and newspapers. We are based in the north end of the city around the Maryhill area, but are happy to publish news from all over the Glasgow and even beyond, if it has relevance to our local communities.

Crane news Southside We aim to open our pages to stories of communities taking action and to exposing injustice without fear. We welcome any comments or ides you might have. Even better why not get involved with producing and distributing The Crane.

The Drouth Scotland’s leading cultural quarterly. Publishing features and fiction, we are especially interested in literature, film and politics but also visual art, music, architecture, photography and comix. Our style and approach is eclectic but committed. There are few other magazines where Noam Chomsky might appear next to Robert Burns, or John Knox may be invited to guest edit an issue examining Fidel Castro and the current state of feminism.

East End Eye (Newspaper)

Local News (Glasgow) is a free, independent newspaper distributed every month throughout the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

Variant ..the free arts and culture magazine. In-depth coverage in the context of broader social, political & cultural issues



Bridge Network – The Bridge Network is a site dedicated to increasing community networking. It aims to support and encourage the setting up of collaborations, workshops and activities focusing on community organising and ground-up social change. There are no magical answers, false promises, just the belief that something else is possible.

Network Action Glasgow
Network Action Glasgow exists as a platform for local campaigns and action groups to connect with communities around the city. We believe that NGOs, Unions and Governments do not present genuine solutions to the problems we currently face, and the only real alternatives come from real democracy: people organising ourselves to create the society we want to live in. In order for our imagined solutions to become realities, we need to talk about them and build them together, to speak truth to power and challenge assumptions about what is possible. We are primarily an outreach collective focusing on making accessible the alternatives to our unsustainable society by providing a hub to share events and ideas.



Friends of Kelvingrove The Friends of Kelvingrove Park aim to maintain & enhance architectural and environmental features in one of Glasgow’s oldest and most popular public parks.

Friends of the River Kelvin (FORK) – River Kelvin cleanups from 10.30am first Saturday of every month – meet at Ha’penny Bridge House (via footsteps in front of Botanic Crescent, off Kelvin Drive)

Garnethill Park “A group of us got together to see what we could do, and John Kraska’s idea was, “let’s do something really outstanding.” Now this was the beginning of Garnethill coming alive, and from there all these things have happened, the Garnethill Park, the community hall, the buildings being renovated. It’s a proud boast that the murals were the beginning of the regeneration of Garnethill.”

North Kelvinside Green Space Community Initiative – Come along and help develop the vacant land beside Kelbourne Street, Sanda Street and Clouston Street as a green space. You’ll find the dates advertised via posters at the main entrances to the land. The intention is to try to set up a regular slot of 11am on a Sunday for around an hour. But that’s weather dependant and subject to availability of people. Don’t feel you need to do an hour. Just come along and do what you can or what you are interested in. Find them on our map

Parks Greenspace Campaign Links to different parks issues



Glasgow Family Album Glasgow Family Album is organised by Cranhill Arts Project. Cranhill Arts Project are organising scanning sessions at venues across Glasgow. You can come along with your family photos and have them scanned there and then and added to this site.

Glaswegian’s This is the online edition of the Glaswegian’s Photo Archive. You will find a selection of images from 30,000 photographs taken between 1989 and 1992. The Glaswegian’s Photo Archive is a record of Glasgow through photographs of its people – their lives, habits, quirks and cultures. You can find and view photographs and registered users can also rate and comment on photographs.

Glesga Pals a website for families and pals all over the world to share memories and photographs of Glasgow – and especially its east-end and Bridgeton

Street Level Street Level Photoworks provides artists and the public with the opportunity to produce and participate in photography. It organises an ongoing programme of exhibitions, community collaborations, training courses, as well as having an open access darkroom and production facility.

Virtual Mitchell The photographs feature Glasgow’s buildings and streets as well as people going about their daily lives. They will be of great interest to local historians, people researching their family history and anyone who would like a glimpse of Glasgow in days gone by.



My Left Ear (Podcast) Listening is something people can do while eating their dinner, washing the dishes, painting a ceiling, or even driving a truck. So, ideas broadcast in an audio format are far more accessible than they would be if printed on a page. This means that, if we want to reach the vast majority of people who, after a hard day’s work, will never have the time or energy to read a pamphlet or journal – audio is the way forward.

Sunny Govan Community Radio – Sunny Govan Community Radio is a unique grassroots not for profit company limited by guarantee, encouraging volunteering, training & development through the medium of community radio, and aims to encourage and support local creative talent, fostering local traditions and providing services for the benefit, entertainment, education and development of our community.

West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society Glasgow’s busy and fun club dedicated to fans and hobbyists of amateur radio. We’ve been going since 1970 and have a wide base of members who contribute to the hobby in many different ways. Here you can find out loads about the hobby, our club and the members and see pictures of us in action.



Dear Green Place – Glasgow’s first Green Map – Dear Green Place is a creative venture which aims to provide accessible information about sustainable resources across the city through the development of Green Maps. The first Green Map designed to make recycling and reusing across our city easier.

Glasgow Freecycle – the Freecycle Network™ is made up of 4,726 groups with 6,634,097 members across the globe. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and thus keeping good stuff out of landfills.

Glasgow Freeshare – the oldest and largest online recycling/reuse community in Glasgow. Since 2004, it’s been helping 1000s of people find new homes for old stuff, and currently has over 11,000 members. Originally known as glasgow-freecycle, it was freed from the silly corporate politics of Freecycle Inc and is a completely local, member-run group with a team of moderators keeping the forum spam-free and focussed on giving.

Glasgow Furniture Initiative – GFI provides a complete home furnishing service for those clients who require quality, low cost furniture.

Glasgow Wood Recycling Project – Glasgow Wood Recycling is a social enterprise and charity committed to divert wood waste from landfill. GWR collect wood waste from across the city and find ways to recycle and reuse this valuable natural resource. We sell reclaimed wood and make reclaimed wood products, ideal if you are looking to save resources and money.

Second Opportunities“Tackling Poverty through Recycling” – Second Opportunities provides low cost Furniture Reuse Service aimed at helping the homeless and most disadvantaged progress into and sustain their tenancies.

Spruce Carpets – Spruce Carpets sells carpet and carpet tiles, both quality refurbished or unused, all at affordable prices.

Sustainable Wood Solutions CIC – Sustainable Wood Solutions is a Social Enterprise set up to divert round timber from landfill. We produce Biomass and firewood for fuel and timber products such as floorboards and doors.



Glasgow Science Festival
From 20 May to 14 June 2010 we held our 4th Science Festival. There were heaps of events for everyone, as well as a massive programme for schools. The festival is now finished for 2010 but the programme will remain on-line for reference.


BARTA Share – the site is part of a resource sharing project. Here you can list items and/or skills and services you are willing to share. In return you’ll have access to what everybody else has. The project is open to members of the Bank Street Residents and Traders Association (BARTA). If you are living in or around the Bank Street area of Glasgow then you can join too.

Starter Packs Glasgow“A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out” – we source household items on a predominantly re-use basis and redistribute these goods in the form of Starter Packs to households making the transition from homelessness to taking up of new permanent tenancies.



Glasgow Social Centre – The Glasgow Social Centre is an initiative to bring a social and cultural meeting centre to the city of Glasgow. The project is currently in its early stages and we are looking for people with ideas, skills, support, input, good flapjack recipes etc. to get involved.



Electron Club The Electron Club is a voluntary run space where people interested in things like free open source software, circuit bending, hardware hacking, computer recycling, streaming, audio and video editing, green technologies, and amateur radio can meet, use equipment, and share and disseminate their skills and ideas. All are welcome.

Scottish Linux Users’ Club ScotLUG meets at 19:30 every last Thursday of the month at the University of Strathclyde.

West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society Glasgow’s busy and fun club dedicated to fans and hobbyists of amateur radio. We’ve been going since 1970 and have a wide base of members who contribute to the hobby in many different ways. Here you can find out loads about the hobby, our club and the members and see pictures of us in action.


Glasgow Tree Lover’s Society – 2008 marked the 75th anniversary of the

Industrial Workers of the World


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