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What is Radical Thinking?

1.1 Oppression – Obsession
The life we imagine- history and vision – reclaiming the commons

2.1 The Class System
Protecting the system Maintaining the division

3.1 Class denial
Rich – Poor – Racism- Think global act local

4.1 Do we learn from histor
The Paradox – What’s wrong

5.1 Reading the right food
Use your time wisely

Section 2.

1.2 Nine tenths of the law of war
These decisions concerning employment of the returning war veterans were made by whom? the public? No the public was never given the choice in these matters.

2.2 Three day week
The favored outcome of employment is fear of unemployment.

3.2 A question of attitude
Is the system we live under serving the vision of ourselves and the future of our children?

4.2 Think like a Martian
The absurdity of consumption under capitalism is difficult for those of us living inside the system to recognize.

5.2 Cycle of desire
Unfortunately it is well known to advertisers that we are capable of happiness through the un-posessing of things.

Section 3.

1.3 What do we want?
A society to tired from overwork when there is plenty who could share in the work

2.3 Planning a vision
There is also much to enjoy and learn and new like minded companions to meet along the way

3.3 What ever you can do
Find something you are good at.

4.3 How do we get it ?
The question is. How do we rationalize these problems and deal with them sensibly

5.3 Always demand to see the proof
I have here in my hand a list of 205 names known to the secretaryof State as being members of the communist party

Section 4.

1.4 What is radical thinking?
To deal with our ideas problems solutions we need to think radically.

2.4 Interactive television
Radical thinking exercise.

3.4 Work
Creativity at work is the reserve of the few and of course- the boss for good reason

4.4 Qualifications of citizenship
Politics is trivia. Anyone can understand it. You may have to do a bit of study and research here and there but on the whole politics is straight forward

5.4 The circle of words
Try watching or listening to the news for the mention of one statement that affects ordinary people that has no strings attached.

Section 5

1.5 What is the news for?
The news, if you look closely is concerned mostly with the affairs of business.

2.5 Illosion of the media debate
One of the ways you control the way people think is by creating the illusion that there is a debate going on

3.5 Vilification
When again it was Benn’s time to speak, he simply reiterated and strengthened the point he had last made.

4.5 Jingoism
Margaret Thatcher, made a career on the tactics of vilification

5.5 Books can open the world
books are not essential to intelligence, or knowledge. Books are a tool like any other and should be used as such

Section 6.

1.6 Symbols and distractions
The use of symbols plays a big part in the control and re-writing of our history

2.6 Symbolic culture
There is the old pickpocket scam: One of a team of two or more, distracts the punter, while another removes wallet

3.6 Propaganda; look at history
As I have mentioned; getting to the root and understanding of the subject under investigation, or study, by the use of radical thinking

4.6 Civilisation today
There is no better, relevant and present example of the war lord ruler than George Bush

5.6 Columbus wrote
As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force

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