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Usually The Pearce Institute Govan but could be held anywhere. Suggestions welcome


The Reshuffle has run sometimes twice a year for around the last six years This year on: 16-17 june


The Reshuffle is an attempt to serve the need for a yearly event in a city the size of Glasgow for groups, people, campaigns, to discuss issues, communicate, network face to face in an enjoyable, friendly and hopefully creative atmosphere.

There are many interesting things going on in the city that are invisible to many people. If we are to create organisations with a common purpose we need to connect these things and make them visible.


There are no paid workers, speakers, cooks or helpers and we do not complain for what we lack; make demands on anyone, or expect what we do not bring to the event. Publicity, organisation, halls and basic materials are supplied by the efforts of a handful of people. Everything else is up to the participants. If you don’t make it happen don’t expect anyone else to. If you need information, want to help, have an idea, please let us know, we understand that there are great ideas out there that folk should know about.


For local people to enjoy their own community centre.
For kids to do things that don’t plug in to the power supply.
Gardening groups at one end of the city to get to know those at the other.
For movement intellectuals who can explain things to folk.
For those from far flung countries to share their culture.
For those who feel a bit isolated and want to know what is going on.
Finding people doing the same things as you, only in different areas.

And so on…
If you want to help out before or on the days with general dogsbody stuff, have an idea, need clarity, information etc. Use the comments, click the follow button on the BLOG