Save the backpark

The Backpark is not a highly visible piece of land – it is at the back of the railway line, back of the houses, back of garage, back of old cinema at Cathcart Road near Holmiea Road.
Historically this has been a green space where kids ride bikes, play football, people walk dogs, foxes and bats hunt; where the railway embankment is covered in trees and bushes, and you can see the stars shine on a clear night.. Adjoining the backpark are Cathcart Allotments.
This area was listed as recreational space but in August 2003 Glasgow City Council changed this to surplus to requirements and zoned it for housing. No local residents or organisations were consulted on this.
There are currently plans before the Council from ASHomes to build 90 flats with parking spaces on this piece of land. This will mean not only the loss of recreational space but at least 90 (eventually 130) cars daily will add to the air pollution, noise pollution and congestion of an already known accident black spot. There is already excessive on street parking of cars of workers at Scottish Power and Weir’s Pumps although the area is served by good public transport. Taking into account three other developments all within half-a-mile will mean 250 extra cars in a year’s time in this area. This is all over and above the developments recently in place in Kingspark, Newlands, Old Castle Road, Shaw lands etc. This development will reach 7 storeys and 6 storeys in height. The flat roof design does nothing to ameliorate how out of place this development v> ill look, and not in the least in character with Cathcart.
The local primary school is on the main road and the only remaining green space is on the main road and round which the buses travel. Glasgow City Centre has one of the worst air pollution problems in Europe. We must stop it moving to the suburbs.
There is no Community Centre in Cathcart; the nearest sports centres are Toryglen, Castlcmilk or Pollokshiclds; the nearest swimming pools are Gorbals and Castlemilk (since Calder Street is now closed down). It’s time the Council gave something back.
There are alternative suggestions which would be of greater asset to the community. The allotment holders have previously expressed an interest in expanding their area. There is interest in renovating the football pitch. A cycle path, a skateboard park – a sensory garden with good disabled access would be very welcome.
Please help us tight to save the loss of another green breathing space.