The Park


You don’t know what you have until you lose it. There would never a more fitting statement concerning “The park”. We have learned to take the city park, so much for granted. And why not. It is our right. The park is a public space.

The park performs an important social function in the life of the city dweller. The fact that the park hasn’t changed much in its basic structure, amenities, and uses over the last hundred years, bears witness to its success. The reason for this is simple.The park is where you go to escape the rat race.

Why invite it in?

The obliteration of every bit of green space in town is near completion, or will be under threat, sooner or later. Already inroads have been made to accommodate the same development strategy in our parks. That is to replace the tranquil nature of the park with the noise of business; to obliterate amateur, community, events, with commercial attractions and hamburgers- that will pave the way for -Park Commerce Facilitation Ltd or some such scheme.

The colonisation of our parks by business has already begun, even before the “Parks Public Conciliation Document” has been completed. (What is that you say)

Our parks could join the fate of the places listed below. We can not afford to wait until it is to late. We need to protect the autonomy of our park’s so that future generations can share in the respite from the grind of city life, that we enjoy and what the park offers. The park works to serve this function because of its uncluttered simplicity. Unless we engage in the debate to preserve the park for people now!, we will soon be unheard above the noise of those with other ideas.


Some Glasgow Greenfield / Leisure sites lost or currently under threat*

* This list does not include all those listed by the National Playing Fields Association!

· Yorkhill Park (part) – approved for residential development

· Highburgh Street – back court area

· Hillhead Bowling & Tennis Club, Newlands – planning permission granted to Cala Homes for 15 flats –

· Partickhill Tennis Courts – under threat

· Dowanhill Tennis Club – under threat

· Woodend Bowling Club – under threat

· Former North Kelvinside school playing field – developed for housing

· Holmlea Road Back Park – housing development

· Land adjacent to Kelvindale Primary School – under threat

· Land at Cathcart Road – approved for 90 flats

· Land at Anniesland Road – housing development

· Land at Pollok – loss of playing field space

· Novar Drive Scout Hall – residential development approved

· Cathcart Road Back Park – rezoned for housing – proposal for 90 flats

· Great George Street/Cecil Street , Hillhead – proposal for 12 flats on small grassed area. (From, Loss of green space is slammed)