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Dave Douglas, reflects on what happened then, 1984-85 UK miners strike, and its influence on what is happening now. The state attacked miners not because of coal but because of unionisation. It should also tell us something that the only pit still opened today, was the most radical one, the one Douglas himself worked at.

Breaking Down the Scottish Independence Vote by Class Lines

The Deep State and the Power of Billionaires
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CONQUEST, COLONIALISM & the COMMONS from matt wand on Vimeo.

Bad News for Refugees book launch from Stuart Platt on Vimeo.

Immanuel Ness, editor of ‘New Forms of Worker Organisation‘, will present a compelling case that labour unions are at a turning point that will change the character of worker representation that was crafted in the U.S. and imperialist states in the mid-20th century. Group discussion

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Friends of Kelvingrove Park – the Bandstand’s true heroes
Nae local punters at the Bandstand opening ceremony?
Andy Wightman Some Thing Is Missing interview

Richard Seymore speaking about he crisis of the left, the lose of the social base, tactics and structure.The lack of left infrastructure; breakdown of traditional institutions, NGOing of left politics, personalities, spectacle, anti political tendencies, defeatism and fragmentation, the fetish of the internet, neoliberal individualism and the draw towards market structures and rebuilding symbolic social space…