You need to do something in the off season

“I’m not interested in politics, I only like sports”. It is always surprising the amount of politics that is wrapped up in sport that is unnoticeable to both those who spectate and participate in sports.
Or is it?

There is no clearer example of this than the situation the sports fan finds them selves in, especially sport. As Cary Watson, (US) explains If you want to hear anti capitalist rhetoric or discussion don’t go looking in the editorial pages of the newspaper. Go to the sports section.
Sports in the capitalist economy

In the states they have web sites dedicated to the politics of sport.

Edge of sports

Look at Mohamed Ali and his anti-war stand, Muhammad Ali was brought to Islam by Malcolm X. He changed his name from Cassius Clay when he converted to Islam in 1961 and was denounced in the press. He refused to serve in Vietnam because it was against Islam and was stripped of his boxing title for over 3 years.

Look at Coca-Cola, nationalism, flag waving, sectarianism, competition, marketing, television, ticket price, Charismatic heroes, How come some of the most oppressive, and poor countries have the best football teams? Why do so many Brazilian supporters want their team to do well in the world cup, but don’t want them to win?

What about the Romans, the Greeks, the German Third Reich Americans, the Russians the history of gladiatorial combat. These guys were well into sport mostly for the same reasons

“Many call that period of the 1960s, the revolt of the black athlete. Why?”John Carlos


The one thing that is better than watching a game of any description is playing a game.