Bring MAY DAY back to the green

MAY DAY,Sunday, May 1 Glasgow Green at 1 PM – 3:30 PM. Meet at Free Cycle North, near People’s Palace

Tired of the ritual Glasgow May Day, a boring walk through the city, to
sit in a hall listening to “our leaders”, pontificating and spouting
about how they will save the world. Well, a group of us are trying to
bring May Day back to The Green and make it what it was meant to be, a
family day, a fun day, a day to celebrate the solidarity of the working
class. Sunday,

May 1st we are organising a family get-together/picnic in the Green,
Based at Free Wheel North, with activities and bikes, in and around the

With a little bit of the history of May Day. Bring what you expect to
find, it is our day. It is early days yet, but we expect face painting,
music, singing and performance poetry, among other events, and a picnic,
with some eats. It should kick off on The Green around 1:00pm and end
by 3:30pm on May 1st.

You can have your march around the city and come back to the Green to
meet up with friends and comrades and have a friendly afternoon with all
the family. May Day belongs to the people, and belongs on the Green,
let’s bring it back. Bring a picnic and food to share.

If you can sing, dance, juggle, face-paint play an instrument, ride a
mono-cycle, read a poem, or any other wee skill that might entertain the
people. Bring it along. If you feel you would like to take part, please
do get in touch.

We will be doing some banner and sign making at the Electron Club his
Saturday 23rd, from 2:00 come along and help. Electron, CCA 350
Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD