Farmhouse Common Good

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The Farmhouse is connected to a history going back 500 years.The common good at its roots, started as a collectivist approach to security and farming by small groups of people and families, which began 500 years ago and its accruing assets, laws and history should and could be an integral part of our town and countries, civic life and planning. Which is part of the idea of the Farmhouse project. To highlight and develop these connections.Further reading:
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We wish to point to common ownership, control and stewardship (common good) of our communities and to set our agendas informed by community needs and wishes to recognise that the problems in the community can be solved by the community and that any outside expert help should be chosen by and employed in the communities interests. We wish to encourage use and exploit community assets such as contained in the Common Good Fund and to encourage inclusive participatory Do It Together, (DIT) in our projects.