Farmhouse Engineering

Income Outcome
Trying to solve problems is much more fun than buying things. A mother buying a new buggy who understands a bit about how components are constructed will soon learn to spot weak points in its construction and avoid products which will break easily. We need to make wise choices in a world of in-built obsolescence. Fixing, redesigning and adapting is an imperative in a world full of junk. We live in a city that was once full of engineers, machine shops and where you could get things designed an made by folk who lived in the same street. We do not need to stop being engineers because steel work has disappeared. Engineers work with any kind of materials that are around that can be adapted to suit the job. The poorest people with meager materials can be the most clever engineers. Because they need to survive and what they have is all they can use. In a world of shrinking resources we all have to become better engineers and work with what we have. We will keep these things in mind throughout our project.