Farmhouse Open Source

Income Outcome
In a technological age computers, whether you like them or not have become very important to our very survival. Open Source technology offers the computer user the option to, rather than just play with programs, to actually create programs. We can freely join a world wide community of education through shared data, use and help to building operating systems (OS) and thousands of programs that are free to all. This software can be installed on discarded computers that do not have enough memory to to handle the commercial programs we pay through the nose for. These programs require us to upgrade our computers and memory every few years in order to handle them. Imagine if a kids first computer was second hand and they were given GNU. (a free operating system) and told to get on with it. Would so many be lost in the passive one way traffic of the internet? It is the choice of programming or being programmed. The thing is even the fact that it is free, Open Source is not open to many people due to the lack of awareness. We will develop Open Source technology at the farmhouse.