Farmhouse About


The Farmhouse is a building in disrepair in the community garden in Elder Park Govan. The plan is to renovate the building and create an independent resource centre. Involving local people in the planning and using the project as a process of education.

About Some of the things that will form the Farmhouses objectives. (Compressed version)

  1. A place connected to local and global communities in a practical sense.
  2. Education, training and resource centre for stuff you didn’t get at school.
  3. A place in the area that the youth of Govan will respect rather than burn down – that can be built by there own hands, if they chose.
  4. A place where movement intellectuals can help to educate people who want to learn through things that are relevant to them in their day to day lives.
  5. A place where we can learn to understand and enjoy cultural differences.
  6. A place to embracing knowledge and cultural understandings without losing our language when expressing them.
  7. A place we can learn to live healthily and cheaply
  8. A place for those not in denial that radical change is needed for many of the problems facing our communities.
  9. A place for those who believe the stewardship and use of public property should be decided by the public who own it.
  10. A place that will work towards dispelling the debilitating propaganda that works to control our lives through myths and lies.
  11. A place that will engender critical thought as a staple in a all of our procedures.
  12. A place where we learn to support our project that avoids siphoning funds off to private enterprise.
  13. Someplace we can learn our relations to nature
  14. To increasing our ability to organise independently and in the interests of our community.
  15. Improving and building social relations around awareness, explaining ideas, what we are doing and what are the benefits of working together.
  16. Labour process that enhance the enjoyment of work.
  17. Rebuilding supportive institutions and reasserting old fashioned community where we think about the old lady up the street and that she is all right.
  18. Building ideas that have relations to peoples daily life.