Avoid blaming the wrong people

Lets look at some of the people who are to blame for Britons troubles and threaten the status quo; Illegal immigrants, black people, dole scroungers, feminists, socialists, gays, Arabs, young people, single parents.

If we consider the headline. ‘Illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs. We need to think. Are the items that surround us with familiar British labels made in Britain?

An easy test is look at the consumer goods that surround you right now. How many were manufactured in this country. You will be hard pushed to find any. Even goods that are clearly marked ‘Made in UK’ can be made up with parts from all over the world and ‘assembled’ in this country and then stamped Made in UK. This is allowed.

Look in the work place, the office, the unemployment centre, the cars in your street, how much of the machinery, furniture and cars were made in this country?

The people who are stealing our jobs are not refugees, or dole punters but British manufacturers lead by over paid executives and greedy shareholders.

The people who are responsible for job losses are those who are sending our jobs out of the country to the third world in order to exploit cheap labour. (In which consumers receive little benefit). It is not refugees, economic or otherwise who are a threat to our jobs but white ‘Anglo-Saxon’ executives who care nothing about people’s jobs only profit margins.

The biggest minority problem we have in this country is the business minority. And, it is the only problem minority that is not discussed openly in main stream media because, the media is owned by the self-same minority. Don’t believe me or the news or anybody ells in these maters. Look at the facts and make up your own mind. Have a looking at the ‘British manufacturers’ labels.

Here is how to do a Sam Smith reality check. On the above mentioned minorities.

What are the ethnic character and sex of those with whom you work?

Now break it down. What about people who earn less than yourself?

People who earn the same? Those above you? The boss?

What about the local council leaders?

The lord provost?

Your minister?

Your priest?

Your rabbi?








TV newscasters?

Program presenters?


Euro ministers?

Church leaders?


Newspaper owners?

Who lives in the best parts of town?

Who owns the media?

Who owns most of the land?

Who makes the laws?

Who has hired or fired you?

The above are the people who attempt to control how we think, what we think and supply us with the reasons for thinking it. How many are black? How many socialists are in top executive posts in multi national companies? How many rich refugees have you come across? How many well-off dole scroungers have you met? Do you know any Arabs? Has a welfare mother ever made you homeless? And so on. The idea is to make the public think they know what is going on while the real business goes on behind their back

Check it out yourself. check out more Smith in the “liberty” page


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