Are we obsessed with process

 Every thing from Facebook to left wing journals the debate is on about what our world should and does look like. Who is at fault, why, and how we can solve the problems of our communities, democracy, educational institutes, workplace, housing and much more. Yet when we go to our communities we see little evidence of these ideas in action. Should we be deleting your Facebook account and get out a bit more and begin to understand the world in our head (or computer) is very different from the one in the street.

Is Facebook is the disease and social communication the medicine? Is the ratio of thinking out of kilter with the rate of activity? Do we chose our activity to suit ourselves rather than the movement? How do we become movement intellectuals? Use better the things we have before spending time inventing new things to occupy more of our time.

From Crisis of Community Notes:

• How do we simply get on with doing things rather just than coming up with more ideas.

• Finding ways of working with each other rather than sitting around discussing political theory.

• Ways of progressing. The longer we act in reaction to things we do not progress.

• That no campaign has more validity than another campaign. This struggle has more validity than that struggle.

• People want to become involved but working – using internet – but lack face to face conversation. Need more regular drop in centre’s to support working people.

Venue date and facilitation needed for this.

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