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A series of discussions led by various representatives

Crises of Community opportunity for change

Plantation Productions 17th JUNE12 (Past ) See NOTES from first discussion

Living and working in the precariat society
Presented by the Glasgow Precariat Workers Group at Kinningpark Complex 4th Nov 2:00

Are we obsessed with process
To be arranged

How do we speak to ordinary people
To be arranged

Finding our place in the movement
To be arranged

To be arranged
Difficult as it is to organise our time amid the constant flow of distraction in the here and now. We ask how do we find the time to think about the future as well as dealing with the here and now.

What is our vision? What do we organise around? What are the central themes of the struggle? What elements do we use to build a vision we can have in common or at least to work with each other?