Crises of Community opportunity for change (Past event)

Sunday 17th 1:00 Plantation Productions

On the Sunday James Kelman, lead a discussion geared towards
mobilisation and solidarity in dealing with the issues across the city
of the councils process of stopping DIY community activities
in favour of. “You can have community things but we will do them for you
with private partners”.

There has recently been a growing ground swell of ordinary people
feeling the urge and the necessity to do something. Such as. Maryhill Park clean ups, despite council objections. Making Councillors accountable campaigns. Community run dinner nights at the Pearce Institute and places like Kinningpark Complex are creating activities and bringing groups together, presenting local people with a platform to voice their concerns and also their ideas. I mention a few but there are many others across the city. Some are known about but many are invisible to people as well as to each other.

It is important in the present climate that we hold the spaces where we
can discuss the interests of the community without the interference of
bureaucracy and the burden of business rents. If we do not relate and
connect the plight of places like the Accord Centre, to our own local
centre, what are our chances when the axe falls down our street?

The Reshuffle tries to support looking at these ideas and has been
building on this over the last five years or so. If they are of interest
to you we would ask you to help support the Reshuffle through
participation in any way you can or have the time for.

Discussion day Notes

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