Israeli Ethnic Cleansing And US Backed Atrocities In Gaza

Israeli Ethnic Cleansing And US Backed Atrocities In Gaza

Murderers, pathological liars, psychopaths, war stenographers, racists, zionists and their apologists, criminals, bent politicians, ignorance and a whole bunch of the worst elements of humanity make up the cast and reasoning for the tragedy Gaza is suffering.

According to Save The Children, nearly half of the 2.3 million Palestinians living in Gaza today are children. These children have grown up knowing nothing but war while watching their family members and friends being murdered on a daily basis.

Now on the Israeli side we see an incident in proportion to the many that are met out to Palestinians daily that involve death and tragic consequences to families and loved ones and as human beings we sympathise. But as human beings we also need to quantify, that all violent death is tragic. Miko Peled, the son of an Israeli general, expresses the barbarity and criminal logic of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. When he says. “What do people think happens when a half ton bomb lands on a building in Gaza. What do people think is underneath the rubble, a terrorist?”

The corporate press spread lies about 40 Israeli babied being beheaded. The story is then retracted as false, after everyone has heard it. At the same time we watch bombed buildings collapse on how many Palestinian families, children, mother’s father’s, son’s daughters? Not once but constantly over years we watch the buildings fall and our governments move on and say nothing. How many babies have been beheaded by Israeli bombs. Well we don’t know because sometimes they are never found again, as they are blown apart and remain in the rubble.

Netanyahu’s Israel has been shaken by the events of Saturday, October 7. Israel’s so called impenetrable defence system was breached by a daring Palestinian military campaign who practically walked into Israel unchallenged. Many of these fighters were made up of the same youth who have grown up under the Israeli occupation and are related to the countless families who have died under the occupation. Continue reading