Israeli Ethnic Cleansing And US Backed Atrocities In Gaza

Israeli Ethnic Cleansing And US Backed Atrocities In Gaza

Murderers, pathological liars, psychopaths, war stenographers, racists, zionists and their apologists, criminals, bent politicians, ignorance and a whole bunch of the worst elements of humanity make up the cast and reasoning for the tragedy Gaza is suffering.

According to Save The Children, nearly half of the 2.3 million Palestinians living in Gaza today are children. These children have grown up knowing nothing but war while watching their family members and friends being murdered on a daily basis.

Now on the Israeli side we see an incident in proportion to the many that are met out to Palestinians daily that involve death and tragic consequences to families and loved ones and as human beings we sympathise. But as human beings we also need to quantify, that all violent death is tragic. Miko Peled, the son of an Israeli general, expresses the barbarity and criminal logic of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. When he says. “What do people think happens when a half ton bomb lands on a building in Gaza. What do people think is underneath the rubble, a terrorist?”

The corporate press spread lies about 40 Israeli babied being beheaded. The story is then retracted as false, after everyone has heard it. At the same time we watch bombed buildings collapse on how many Palestinian families, children, mother’s father’s, son’s daughters? Not once but constantly over years we watch the buildings fall and our governments move on and say nothing. How many babies have been beheaded by Israeli bombs. Well we don’t know because sometimes they are never found again, as they are blown apart and remain in the rubble.

Netanyahu’s Israel has been shaken by the events of Saturday, October 7. Israel’s so called impenetrable defence system was breached by a daring Palestinian military campaign who practically walked into Israel unchallenged. Many of these fighters were made up of the same youth who have grown up under the Israeli occupation and are related to the countless families who have died under the occupation.

Israeli forces react to this event, along with the support and blessing of the US and many, if not all western government’s, by doing the only thing they know best how to do. Blow up and kill civilians, destroy homes and people’s survival infrastructure. Why? In this case to destroy Hamas. By killing civilians? This is just another part of Israeli twisted logic. Do they believe those who breached the so called invincible security infrastructure are stupid? That they haven’t planned for months even years. That they have experience and trained under the battle conditions of occupation. That they going to leave themselves open to the obvious tactics of the IDF? It is not only Hamas fighting for Palestinian freedom but every other organisation within Palestine.

Israel threatens a ground war in Gaza. With what? Conscripts who have no clue of armed combat against Palestinians who have grown up in conditions that have prepared them for it. Would the amount of Israeli soldiers going home in body bags in a ground offensive affect the twisted logic of the Israeli occupation administration? Probably not.

The present situation as far as the Israeli administration and their US partners is concerned is about saving face and retaining their image of being the most righteous and powerful. No matter how many Palestinians or Israeli’s for that matter, have to perish in the process. The reasoning for the carnage justified by the Israelis, their partners and apologist’s is mind bogglingly insane and makes me feel sick to my stomach, as it should any reasonable minded person.

“We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent people” George Orwell

“I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and we will act accordingly.” Says Israel Defence Minister Yoav Gallant.

The irony of this statement will not be lost on anyone who knows anything about the conditions Palestinians have lived under for decades.

What is being kept from the general public under Western press outlets, is why Palestinians fight. The Palestinians do not fight to kill Jews. They fight to get their lives back, their humanity and their freedom. To live just like you and me. Not to be terrorised, tortured and killed daily, starved, with no access to water, electricity and where even taking their kids to school is seen as an act of defiance.

We now see the Israeli flag emblazoned across Downing Street. When have we ever seen that for the constant slaughter of Palestinians? War is an ugly business for human beings no matter what side of the conflict they are on. But the UK press and government pretend to be blind when it comes to the bombing and killing of Palestinian’s, mostly young people and children. And become wide awake to Israeli propaganda when Palestinians make any attempt to break out of the Israeli cage they have been kept captive in for the last 70 years.

liberal pundits say on the recent Palestinian attack. Why does it have to be violent? Here is what happens in an attempt at peaceful protest. In 2018/19 The Great March of Return. Something like ten thousand unarmed Palestinians were injured. Six thousand hit by live ammunition, journalists, and paramedics terminated and two hundred and sixty six Palestinians killed. That is how the Israel army deal with peaceful protest.

Every aspect of life in Gaza is hell. Bombed hospitals, untreated sewage going straight into the sea, fishermen not allowed to fish, polluted beaches, most buildings and infrastructure destroyed. For instance, in 2017 Israeli authorities approved medical appointments for only 54 percent of those who applied. The lowest rate since the world health organisation (WHO) began collecting figures on 2008. WHO reported that 54 Palestinians 46 of whom had cancer, died in 2017 following denial or delay of their permits. Not just bombs kill Palestinians. Israel’s weapon of bureaucracy also permits who lives and who dies in Palestine.

What would you do if your loved one was dying of cancer or some other serious illness and you couldn’t leave the city to treat it. Because you couldn’t get permission? Palestinians can do nothing without the permission of Israel. They can’t eat, sleep, or drink. They can’t get materials to build things to repair things without asking permission which is usually refused.

We need to ask ourselves. What would you do if you had to live under these condition? If you were ignored by the invaders of your country while your people were being slaughtered. And the atrocities metered out on your family and friends daily being ignored by every western state on the planet. The UK no exception.

If you are a Palestinian, you shouldn’t attempt to fight back. For if you do, for whatever reason, the public will be automatically treated to listening to the US/Israeli, regime robots. People like Nikki Haley of Fox News paid for by the Israeli lobby. To tell you this is not only an attack by Palestinians on Israel, but an attack on America and the whole world. Therefore the might of the US and Israeli arms industry needs to be allowed to come down on Palestinian heads once more. A colonised country of about two million people, with no army, with a fence round it, being blown up, shot and starved to death, like fish in a bowl or treated as “human animals” as the Israel Defence Minister describes them. Who are “A threat to the whole world”?

The depth of hypocrisy concerning Israeli atrocities is unbelievable. Particularly in this country with networks like the BBC. Even journalists whose integrity was once respected and trusted are presenting jaw dropping fake news and analysis on this conflict. Subterfuge that even a ten year old could see through. And while journalists who were once the mainstay and with fifty years of experience in the front-line of this kind of war are completely ignored by the BBC and others.

But this time Palestinians are in a better position. They have hostage’s and the Israeli public are getting nervous. They are beginning to experience, what they have ignored so far, along with the evidence of the many Israeli supporters of the Palestine cause. They cannot ignore any more what Palestinians experience every day of their lives. With many joining the plane queues heading back to NYC and cities across the states where they came from. At least they “can” leave.

America sends four Billion dollars a year to Israel to aid a massive military force and intelligence apparatus. A system the US/Israel continually boast of as the most secure in the world and is used to test live arms and intelligence apparatus on Palestinians before being sold to every other oppressive regime in the planet.

So this system was breached by some hundreds of committed Palestinian activists. The intelligence network collapsed, the army was no where to be found, The whole system completely collapsed. A settlement completely taken over. The present day to day slaughter of civilian Palestinians has no rhyme or reason to it, other than revenge for the exposure of a weakness in the strategy of US world domination. But the victims of that revenge will as is usual be on the heads of the innocent. And I make no apology for continually reminding the reader of this incontestable fact

Will the IDF rain bombs down on their own captured people in Gaza, is yet to be seen. Will they send ground troops in, who are generally only used to standing guard over and bullying civilians, with no experience of street fighting, into a Gaza better prepared for gorilla warfare? Who knows. Or will they do what they usually do, continue to “Moe the lawn’ and destroy what is left of Gaza from a laptop keyboard. There is a mountain of evidence to be found for Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. so long as you stay clear of the mainstream media, because they are all complicit in them.

Because the strongest weapon in the Israeli arsenal is not the smart bombs, tanks, US funding, or the Iron Dome. It is their powerful western public relations or propaganda machine, which spans the globe. But there are chinks being exposed in that PR armour, in other parts of the world who are not so easily taken in by the lies. But where those in support of the Palestinians cause can make a difference is in exposing the lies of the Israeli, apologists. at present polluting our airwaves. None more so than Keir Starmer, a so called defender of human rights and his cronies who have taken up being antisemite shills, in defending the undefendable in Gaza.

We must mourn all deaths in this conflict. But to fail to understand that these deaths are the inevitable consequence of the colonisation of Palestine, imperialism, western propaganda and ignorance and a denial of historical precedent. Propaganda, it needs to be emphasised, that is coming from the networks we watch daily, and which will only exacerbate the on going slaughter of the innocent. These networks, politicians and so called journalists, share part of the guilty for the carnage in Palestine as the Israeli army do and need to be held to account.

At this moment in time there is an “Iron Dome” over the western media in the service of Israeli propaganda. But it is not impenetrable, as has been seen by the dome over Israel. Colonisation always precedes and ends in bloodshed. People do not like being caged. Israel is also locked inside its own cage, the bars built by its rage, hatred, violence and xenophobia. The reason colonisation never lasts is because the colonisers eventually become their own worst enemy. This time has come. And the length of time the colonisers take to figure this out, is the length of time the bloodshed will continue. It will continue till Palestinians and all other caged peoples are free to go about their lives.

We need to stand with Palestine. We need to get the message out loud and clear. We also elect the people who support Zionism and we need to stop supporting them. There is nothing to talk about with politicians who support the Zionist. Get them out, get rid of them. The Palestinians are already carrying a heavy burden. It will be up to us how long it will take for them to gain their freedom.

There is a right and a wrong in this conflict and the answer is simple. The right thing to do is to stand with the Palestinians. The wrong thing to do is to support Israel’s genocide.

“We are on the precipice of one of greatest US backed atrocities of our time” Max Blumenthal